How To Stretch a Picture with Photoshop

There are times that the photo you took can be too large or too small for a certain website or where you want to print or paste it. Those instances need to enlist the help of the picture editing program Photoshop to resize your photo into the size you need it for. Always remember that a high resolution picture will produce more satisfying results, so make sure you are editing a high resolution picture as possible. Here are the steps you can take to stretch your picture:

  1. The simplest step to stretch a picture in Photoshop is to go to the pull down menu bar and click on “Image.” Once you click on the menu bar that says “image,” the pull down menu will appear. Click on “image size” and the image size dialogue box will pop open on your screen. Once the dialogue box is open, you can input the desired size on the box provided for it. An important thing to remember is to change the unit of the picture you are resizing. Instead of using pixels as your unit, change the unit to percentage so you will have a better definite size. This will affect the pixels of your photo. Using percentage instead of pixels will gradually increase or decrease your photo without rendering it pixilated.
  2. If you want to be sure you are inputting the correct values in the x and the y axis, check the box that says “constrain proportions” so you input just one value in either boxes and the axis accordingly proportions itself with the value you have inputted.
  3. Keep in mind that resizing your image will affect the pixel size and the file size. Or if you want to retain the same actual size and only resizing the print size, you can uncheck the box that says “resample image.”  This will let your resize the print size but retain the resolution of the picture.
  4. If the picture is not yet in the size that you wanted it to be, you can keep repeating inputting the percentage you want to achieve it. Just be sure to do it gradually so you are sure that the picture will not be distorted in any way. Keep the “constrain proportions” button checked to ensure that no distortion can occur while you input the percentage of resizing the picture.
  5. Another thing to remember in resizing is that you cannot resize a low resolution picture. Always check your photo’s file size before proceeding with the resizing. A low resolution photo will get pixilated when it is blown up to a bigger size. It is easier to resize a high resolution photo into a smaller size but it is harder to resize a low resolution photo. You can pick the “actual size” option on the zoom menu bar to check the actual pixels your photo has produced.

Remember to save your work into jpeg form or tga form. These two formats usually save the picture proportionately and correctly. Save your work in a different file name so you will always have the raw picture file.


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