How To Test Broadband Speed

While some people do not give it a thought, you may find it necessary to know what your broadband speed is.  This happens when you think you have been receiving poor Internet service from your provider or when you are just on your way to getting one.  If you are still applying for a subscription, you will probably be looking for a service provider that promises to give you a fast Internet connection.  Of course, no Internet service provider would claim unsatisfactory speed for its broadband connection.  Usually, it would use catchy superlatives to entice potential clients.

As a wise subscriber, you want to make sure that you are indeed getting the speed that they are boasting about.  Knowing how well your broadband provider is giving its service is your right as a subscriber.  To do this, you can actually visit any of those web sites that offer free tests on broadband speed.  These usually allow you to perform similar steps to get your speed’s reading unless the web site specifies otherwise.  Here are the steps to be followed.

  1. Search for one of those many web sites which are maintained by software vendors.  Then, narrow your search to those who provide broadband check free.  Once you get to enter one, you will find out that it already recognizes your Internet protocol or IP address. 
  2. Make sure that you are using a TCP port compatible with that of the site that will allow you to take the test.  You may go to your firewall settings to check if your computer has opened itself to communicate with the server of the broadband tester.  If your computer is relying only on a web proxy server, you cannot run this test.
  3. Once all the necessary check ups have been done, you may begin to run the test.  Most of these tests are being run with Java.  Therefore, if you do not have this on your PC, install it first.
  4. The speed tester should be able to give you the reading in about two to three minutes.  It would tell you how many megabytes per second your connection speed is.  If you get below this, 512 kilobytes per second or Kbps for example, then that is definitely a sub-standard service.  The current average is 2 to 8 Mbps.  The fastest is 24 Mbps.
  5. If you want to get a more accurate reading, try the speed test a number of times within the day. You will find out how what particular hours is your connection slow. This specifically happens to cable broadband service providers when high usage volume can affect the speed of its Internet connection.

With an accurate reading of your broadband speed, you will know what to do next.  If you think that it is quite slow, you can contact your service provider and express your point.


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