How To Transfer a File to a Remote Computer Using HyperTerminal

HyperTerminal allows you to connect and communicate with another computer using a modem and a telephone line. Apart from communication, sending and receiving files is also possible with the use of the HyperTerminal.

Steps on how to send a File using HyperTerminal:

  1. Access the HyperTerminal program on your computer. Open the Start menu by clicking on it, choose Programs, go on Accessories, then Communications, and click on HyperTerminal. Create a connection by dialing the telephone number of the remote computer you want to access, or connect with a pre-existing saved connection file.
  2. Track down the Transfer Menu. After choosing Transfer from the menu, click on Send File. The Send File dialog box will appear asking you to specify the file name and protocol.
  3. Indicate the file name you want to send. On the Filename text box, specify the path and name of the file you want to send, or click Browse to find the file that is saved on your hard disk.
  4. Choose the Protocol you will be utilizing for this transaction. From the Protocol list, choose the Protocol that you will be using to send the file. You can choose the Zmodem protocol to have the file automatically received by the remote computer. Press the Send button right after you are done selecting. A Sending Status dialog box appears while transfer is in progress, and will disappear once it is completed.

Steps on how to receive a File using HyperTerminal:

  1. Open HyperTerminal. Follow procedure mentioned above on Step 1.
  2. Connect to the Remote Computer, either through a new connection or through a saved connection. You can also wait for the Remote Computer's call and for it to connect to your computer before proceeding.
  3. Choose Receive File from the HyperTerminal Transfer Menu. The Receive File dialog box appears on the screen.
  4. Specify the path you want the file to be save to. Under Place Received File in the Following Folder text box, enter in the path where you want the file to be saved. You can also click the Browse button to select the exact location on your hard drive.
  5. Choose the Protocol that you will be using to ensure successful file transfer. Select the Protocol under the Use Receiving Protocol list box. Be sure that you will be choosing the Protocol that the Remote Computer is using, or you can also utilize the default Protocol, Zmodem. HyperTerminal automatically receives the file and saves it to the desired path.

Transferring a file, whether sending or receiving using HyperTerminal is a piece of cake, as long as the steps outlined are meticulously followed. Just don't forget to disconnect after you are done to prevent racking up your phone bills.


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