How To Turn a Video into a Picture

Ever felt that you missed a special moment because you hit video recording rather than picture shot? Or that you would like to frame a picture shot of that special moment? You probably regret that you cannot turn that nice video into a photo. Actually, that is doable. You would only need a lot of patience in learning this.

As a matter of fact, there are a few steps that you would need to follow. You would be able to lift a photo frame or a series of photos from a video.

  • First, play your pertinent video. You would need to make sure that you could play it without any problems. Then again if you are having problems, K-Lite Codec Pack can help you. Follow instructions on how to fully download and install it.
  • The most popular one where you can lift the photo is Media Player Classic. This is in the default download pack. Now, open and run the program. You can also create a short cut in your desktop. You also would be able to lift photos even from other old video files.
  • While you have opened the program, choose “File”, from there you should choose “Open File”. This would now show all available files to open. One tip is to make sure that you remember where you placed the file. If possible, put it in your desktop. This would ensure that opening the file would be no problem.
  • Now, choose the file where you would like to lift the photo from. Just play the video, if you have a long video, you can actually navigate and jump at the frame you would like to lift. If you have a few photos to lift, you would need to do so one by one.
  • If possible, you can also take note of the time in the video. Say, the frame that you would like to lift is in minute 2, second 30. This is the 2:30 of the video. You can already take note of it so that you can just scroll over them.
  • Now, as you reach 2:30, pause the video. From the menu bar above, find “File” and then, “Save Image (As)”. This would save your image already. The most common default extension name is .jpg. This is the most common that you can have to print them in digital printing shops. You need to confirm if the filename .jpg is saved rather than .gif.
  • After learning how to navigate the software, you would only need to remember: Pause video, Click “File”, Click “Save As”, then, sequences the photos accordingly.

Repeat the same process for the other photos that you would like to lift from a video. Turning the whole video into a series of photos would take time, so if you would like to do so, you can actually do this one by one. Just remember to put name in sequence.

Turning a series of pictures into a video, on the other hand, would be a bit trickier.


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