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PDF stands for Portable Document Form, which is a file format universally accepted and created by Adobe Systems. These forms are used to fill up a variety of data for forms such as school/college applications, passport or visa applications etc, since the look is very neat and professional. However, the main problem with using PDF forms is that not all will allow you to write or edit on them; you will need to print and then fill in by hand or use a typewriter. The final appearance ends up looking shabby and out of sync and distinctly unprofessional. To overcome this, listed below are some of the methods you can employ to fill PDF forms on-line.

Here's how to modify a PDF file.

Step 1

Using Adobe Reader. Use the 'select' button in the main menu if you want to fill in any data in the PDF document. This button allows you not only to highlight and select, but also allows you to fill in data. With the select button activated, point your cursor, displayed as a 'hand' symbol at the place you need to input data. Type in the required information using the 'tab' key to move from field to field and then print out the form. Adobe Reader does not have any saving options; hence you will need to immediately print the data before closing the file.

Step 2

Using 'fill-up' PDF forms. Check for PDF forms which allow data to be filled in. Most organizations or institutions tailor their forms in such a manner, making it easy to update and print.

Step 3

Using software programs. There are numerous software programs that are available on the Internet, which you can download and install. These will allow you to upload any type of PDF forms and then edit or input as you wish. In addition to editing PDF files, some of these programs also allow you to separate the PDF into smaller parts.

Step 4

Filling in the form. When you need to input data point the cursor at a text field and wait for it to turn into an 'I-beam'. Click on this and the cursor will now change into a blinking vertical line. Begin typing your text and use the tab key to move on to the next field when finished. If there are no further fields, or if you've reached the end of the form, press the 'enter' key to confirm all the input data.

Step 5

Filling checkboxes or multiple pages. If there are checkboxes  to be filled, point the cursor on the box and click. The cursor will change into an 'arrow' and you can click again to check the box. To uncheck, repeat the process of pointing the cursor at the box, click and uncheck your previous selection. For PDF forms that have multiple pages, you cannot use the tab key to move to the next text field on a fresh page. In this instance, click the 'enter' key after the last field on the page has been updated and use the arrow which indicates further pages to move to the next page.

Filling in PDF forms is usually a very simple process. All you need is to pick the right software from the scores available and install it on your computer. Use the software when the need arises to churn out neat and professional-looking filled up PDF forms.


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