Ways to Unblock MySpace: Proxy Servers, Web Filters and More

Learn How to Unblock a Website such as MySpace on Computers

Social interaction has taken on a completely new meaning in the recent past. There are numerous sites on the Internet for social networking, meeting new people, making new friends and so on.  While it is a good thing for most people, your employer or teacher may not think so. These sites are sometimes time-sinks as they keep people engrossed (read addicted!) for long hours eating into their time, which can be used productively in the office or your educational institution. In addition, some of these sites are highly graphic intensive and tend to occupy internet bandwidth unnecessarily. This has lead most offices, schools, colleges and other establishments to ban some of these sites. Besides a general notice prohibiting usage of social networking sites, these institutions block access to such sites as MySpace by using technology meant for such a purpose. But fear not, as it is most often the case with technology, there are people who create means to work-around it that blocks access to MySpace. You just have to learn ways to unblock it, and you'll be viewing it in no time. Here are some tips on how.

Before you learn how to unblock a website such as MySpace from a computer that isn't yours, make sure you verify with the owner that it's okay to access blocked websites. If you want to out-smart the systems in your institution and wish to unblock this site on your work or school computer, try accessing it through a proxy server or proxy program (Proxies). You may need to learn a bit about what proxy servers do before understanding how to access them and Web filters. Proxies serve to enable access to restricted sites anonymously as also sometimes for quick downloads through caching. They cache web pages and allow download faster than you could get from the original source. That said, let's see how this works. They sometimes filter websites using their Internet protocol address or the web site names. Fire up one; enter the name of the website that you think has been blocked (in this case, http://www.myspace.com/). The proxy does the needful for you, it provides anonymous access to the site, allowing you to sign-in and network; be aware though that administrators regularly update their systems to include them and therefore the same software may not work twice; this applies to proxy sites as well.

Another possible way to unblock it is to look up the IP number for http://www.myspace.com/ and enter it on your browser instead of the name. Sometimes, administrators block websites by name only and the IP number may still get you access. 

If you are not on a network at college, school or office and are still finding difficulties unblocking MySpace, then check your browser settings under Tools to see if http://www.myspace.com/ is one of the sites blocked. If yes, then delete the entry and you should be able to reach it in no time.

These are some tips for unblocking MySpace. Keep watching this space for some more tips in the future.


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