How To Understand Tech Services Code Systems

Understanding tech services code systems can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are not a computer savvy kind of person.  However, it is not at all impossible.  In order to successfully retrieve data by using tech service codes, you have to understand that this requires an http request header that says “typ:srv” before each code that you give out.  Here are some useful tips to help you understand tech services code systems:

1. Understand that these codes reply to numbers.  This includes bots, spy bots, proxies and Tor networks.  You can easily send requests to hosters and IP data centers as well.  In the end, each country code is always returned when you have not typed in the correct header for each sent out request.

2. Service codes have two numbers or numerical value.  This classifies each visitor into four kinds. 

  • Search spyders and robots such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.  These include spy bots that post as human visitors.  The numerical code is ten to nineteen (10 – 19).
  • Hosting centers and data companies including hosting providers and servers that are hidden.  IP addresses that are assigned to various hosting platforms are also regarded under this type of service code classification.  The value is between twenty and twenty-nine (20 – 29).
  • Public and anonymous proxy servers, Tor networks and anoymizers.  The service code for this one is thirty to thirty-nine (30 – 39).
  • Satellite providers and mobile subscribers that use international proxy are under this classification.  The numerical code is between forty to forty-nine (40 – 49).

3. Now that you know the four classifications of tech service code systems, you have to remember to type in “typ” and the “srv” command to ensure a proper result. 

4. It is also possible that you make multiple requests.  Just make sure that the service code and the country code is in one server and the satellite should be situated near your area (that is if you obtain this information). 

5. For satellite providers, you will likely get XX as a return code because more often than not, the location is undefined.  Oftentimes, it is quite difficult to locate the physical location of the satellite that is why there is no returning numerical country code.

These are the basic things that you need to understand in order for you to successfully send out a request. Always remember to type in the necessary http headers before a numerical value or code.  It is highly advisable that you get a book about tech services code systems too.  Go to your local library or to your nearest bookshop.  This way, you can further educate yourself in this subject.  Ask your local computer technician or any I.T. professional for some tips and advice to better understand tech services code system.  Follow these helpful guide and you will surely be on your way to becoming a technical guru. Remember to strictly follow the rules to get your desired result.


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