How To Use an Online Event Registration Site

An online event registration site is a website where participants register for an event by filling out and submitting a form. Using an online event registration site makes things smoother for those who want to attend an event and those who are holding the event.

Here is how to use an online event registration site.

  1. Check the legitimacy of the site. This is very important for your safety, because you are giving out your personal information and your cash when you use an online registration site. Be careful of fraudulent sites. Check for the site’s background or directly ask the event managers themselves if the online registration site is legit.
  2. Type in the data required. Registering to an event requires you to give important data, such as your name, contact details, and other information that are needed for the event. Online event registration sites have different types of forms where you type in personal information, answers to questions, and your message for the holders of the event. By clicking on the submit button, the data you have typed are submitted to a database and reviewed by the event managers.
  3. Choose among the options. Online event registration forms have sections where you are asked to choose among available options. Choose an option by clicking on the option until a dot, a check mark, an X, or any identifier appears. Some options require you to select many items, while others limit you to only one choice. Some forms have options that are visible at first glance. Other forms require you to click on a drop-down menu to view all the available choices.
  4. Be careful about leaving out data. Skipping certain parts of the online event registration form happens frequently, especially on long and complicated forms. Determine if a piece of information is required by looking for an asterisk, check mark, or other symbol next to the space where the information is typed. If you leave out important information, you are prompted by the site to give the data in order to proceed with the registration.

If you are an events manager, using an online event registration site is practical because it automatically saves, organizes and compiles the data given. Here is how to use an online event registration  

  1. Look for online event registration services. Searching online gives you plenty of online event registration sites to choose from. Find more sites by looking in classified ads, magazines and articles, or by asking around. Check reviews and ratings of sites to know which one to choose. Before using a site, research on the background and find out whether the site is legitimate and provides good service.
  2. Talk with the people from the site. Using an online event registration site saves you the trouble of making and designing forms. Discuss with people from the site about the event you are planning. State your requirements and your preferences, and they make the forms for you.
  3. Get and manage the data. The data gathered from the participants are submitted to you through reports or by logging in to the online event registration site. The reports are sent to you through e-mail, fax, or given to you in person. You acquire access to the online event registration site’s database by giving your username and password.

Use an online event registration site carefully. Don’t give sensitive information such as your complete name, your address, and your credit card number if you are unsure of the site’s legitimacy. If you are an events manager, check the background of the online event registration site before doing business with them.


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