How To Use an Online Pie Chart Maker

Pie chart analysis

Whatever your reason for needing to visually display information, there are a lot of online pie chart and graph makers available to use for free, and being available on the Internet makes them accessible from anywhere. Each one uses their own method to get you through the process, so the steps I give here may not be in the exact same order or the phrasing might be a little different. In the end you will be able to build a pie chart that will give the professional impression you need. Here's how to use an online pie chart maker.

  1. First do a little planning. Make a list of all the fields you need to display in the pie chart. Make short notes or be as detailed as you want to, these notes will be referred back to once you are online with the chart maker service. Decide which colors and type of filler you want to use in your chart. Some of the online chart makers offer different fonts and sizes. Where to place the legend is also important. If your chart is large, you will not be able to display the fields around the outside of the chart, on the side or in the corners is also an option.
  2. By now you probably have a good idea as to which online chart making Web site you are going to use, if not, check out the pie chart makers at, or nceskids/createagraph. They have great tutorials on both sites. Go there, and get started. You will probably have to choose the pie chart, because most Web sites offer a large selection of other chart types.
  3. Now add in the fields, or the number of sections your chart needs to have, usually this is where you will also enter the filler and colors. Try to choose colors that will display well together and make it easy to see where sections are divided. Another method is to alternate filler types from section to section.
  4. Now it's time to name the sections. You will be able to select font, size, color of font, and most importantly, placement. How large is your chart? Displaying labels outside the chart sections may not be possible, so inside the chart or as a legend in one corner is also offered as an option. It will look best if you make the font color the same as the color selected for the section of the pie chart.

Now it's time for a preview. Make any changes you need to and then print.

Most sites offer other charts other than the pie chart makers and all will produce a professional quality printed chart or graph with more or less the same amount of ease as shown above. So don't pay a fortune to a service, DIY!


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