How To Use Comment Boxes in Microsoft Word

You need to make notes on a Microsoft Word document file. Your problem is, you can’t enter text between the lines because it will ruin the format and arrangement of the document. For that, comment boxes will come in handy. These boxes allow you to write comments or make notes at the right margin space. With these, you are free to make notes without destroying the arrangement of the document.

Using the comment boxes in Microsoft Word is pretty easy.

Commenting in Microsoft Word 2007

Follow the steps below if you will be using Microsoft Word 2007 version:

  • Open the Word file. Highlight the statements, which you want to give comments. Select the “Review” from the main menu. From there, you can see the “New Comment” button. It’s easily recognizable with its yellowish paper image. Click that.
  • A red-color callout will appear with the Comment [A1] in bold. Next comment will have Comment [A2] name and so on.
  • Write your comment on the balloon. The text is really small to cater for more comments. You cannot edit the size of that text but you can change its color, bold it, italicize it, or underline it.
  • Save the file and the comments will be saved with it. The comments can also be printed with the file.
  • Comments can be deleted by putting the cursor in the balloon and clicking the “Delete Comment” button from the Comments sub-menu of “Review” main menu.

Commenting in Microsoft Word 2003

The user-interface of Microsoft Word 2007 is very different from its predecessor. If you will be using an older Microsoft Word version like the 2003, the following will be your way to using comment boxes:

  • Go to the “Tools” from the main menu. From the drop-down menu, choose “Customize” and then, select “Insert.”
  • Look for the Comment box. It is color yellow so it should be easy to find. Drag the comment box to your toolbar. This way, you can easily see and use the comment boxes. You are now ready to make comments using the comment boxes.
  • Highlight the statements you want to comment about. Go to the comment toolbar. Choose the “New Comment” sub-menu and then the “New Comment.”
  • The selected text will have brackets after clicking the New Comment. A balloon-like box will also be connected from the highlighted statements. The comment boxes are also displayed at the space for the right margin.
  • Write your comments on the box. Edit the comment if necessary. More options for using comment boxes are available from the Comment menu on your toolbar.

More Tools

The comment box is only one of the many features offered by Microsoft Word for reviewing a document. Another useful feature you may want to try is the Tracking option. This will track the changes you’ve made with the document. The document will look a bit messy with this but at least, you can track your editing. It’s easy to hide the tracking, anyway. Your document will come out clean again, as if never edited.

Tracking and the comment boxes are just two of the many tools you can use to improve your document. Explore more tools and try using them. Only through practicing that you can understand and familiarize how every button works.


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