How To Use Drafting Software

Who says you need to work overnight on your drafting table just to make a clean and perfect plan? Using a drafting software, you can make your plan perfect. Plus, you don’t have to repeat the entire draft anymore just because of a nasty ink stain. Everything will be done and measured in your monitor. Working space will be less cluttered this way.

Follow these steps if it’s your first time to use a drafting software:

  • Familiarize yourself with the drafting application. Not all drafting software applications are created equal. They have unique arrangement of their buttons and different representations for various functions. It’s best that you get yourself the hang of using the main buttons on a blank workspace. Try to draw a square, circle, etc. Open every menu, too. Discover what each of the options in the main menu can offer. Try anything you want to try until you get yourself acquainted with the application.
  • Practice. Create a copy of a drafting file. Use that copied file as your practice material. This way, the original file is protected. Remember, it takes a lot of hours, before one drafting project is finished. You don’t want to ruin anything on that file or worse, delete it accidentally. It’s good to make a special folder for your practice. Save in this folder all the files you will use for the practice. With the copied file, try to move, change, and modify some of the details in the drafting. Make the door bigger, adjust the hallway, or make the space for the living room bigger. Practicing using a copied file will give you idea on how to make certain drafting elements. Focus on 2D drafting while you practice. 3D looks cool but it takes lots and lots of layers before you can create one. If 2D is difficult to make, 3D is much more difficult to finish. Don’t worry because sooner, you’ll be ready for 3D drafting. Creating your perspective will soon be very possible with your developed skills.
  • Practice on a blank sheet. Forget about modifying copied drafting files. Try to make simple drafting files on a blank sheet. This will teach you something that copied files can’t. You don’t have to make a plan on yourself. Consider copying a physical sample draft. Make a digital draft version of that using the drafting software. Start with the floor plan since this is the easiest. When drafting, make sure to use layers for similar items. For instance, floor plan is in one layer, the electrical plan should be in another layer and the plumbing plan should be in another layer. Every layer should be of different color for easier identification. The layers can be displayed or not. This way, it will be easier for you to add more layers without being confused with the layers you’ve created earlier.
  • Get to work. Are you confident enough using that drafting software? If yes, then get to work and start the real thing. When making drafts, it’s best that you create backup copies just to make sure you have another copy in case you accidentally erased the original file. You don’t want to spend another week to finish that draft.

It’s normal to take more time the first time you use the drafting software. As you get more familiar with it, you will discover that it becomes easier and easier to use. Just continue practicing and using the application and soon, you’ll be an expert of it.


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