How To Use Garageband

Mac’s Garageband software is an all in one digital recording software that features all the aspects and tricks you need to write, make and record music on your computer. This software isn’t free and requires a license to install and use it although; you may download a trial version of the software at For this application, you will need a computer running MAC OSX. However, a Windows version of the application is now available as well. This application is standalone but it is also sold as a part of the whole iLife suite. In any case, if you are looking to become an accomplished songwriter and arranger, then this is a great application to start on. Here are some tips on how to use the application including some of the tools you will need.

  • Gather the tools you will need. Aside from the computer and the MAC OSX you need to run the application, you will need a number of tools to make the whole recording experience fruitful and fun. First off, you will need a digital interface that will allow you to connect real instruments and microphones into your computer. This digital interface will allow you to hook up your guitar, keyboard, and other live instruments. If you are hooking up a keyboard, make sure it has a midi controller for a better recording experience.
  • Run the application. If you haven’t installed the application yet, then do so now. Once the installation has completed, reboot your computer to clear the resources used for the installation. Bear in mind that Garageband may be quite heavy on computing power so make sure your computer fits the recommended specs of the software. Once your computer reboots, locate the shortcut and run the application. Since this is new, you can select “Start a new project” to open a new a project. You may also open an existing project that you have saved previously. If you have a real instrument plugged in through the digital interface, choose it and select the appropriate channel where it is plugged into. If you have none, you can select the default software instrument, which is a piano. Yes, you can actually write and arrange music using the internal software instrument. However, this may be limited in certain aspects.
  • Configure the settings. At this point, you will want to configure how the instrument will sound when recorded. Open up the graphic equalizer feature and play around with it until you achieve the desired output. Set the volume the way you want it as well.
  • Start recording. If you are using multiple instruments, start with one and create a harmony loop. Do the same with the other instruments and arrange the each loop until you reach the desired combination and output.

The features of this application is limitless and even a novice musician can get going with it easily. You can turn on the built in tutorials to learn the intricacies of the application and how to really use it. The Apple website will feature online tutorials as well.


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