How To Use Google Docs for Collaboration

Tired of spending too much time and energy using a low-profile word processor to finish a single project that needs collaboration? Now you can work on a document with your needed team members without the long wait of email sending, viewing of documents and, most of all, making revisions every now and then. With Google Docs program, you can avail the easiest way to work collaboratively on documents in no time!  Read on to find out how you can use Google Docs for collaboration.

  • Go to Google Docs and sign in to your account. Open the document you wish to distribute to other account holders. If you have no prepared document, click on “file” then “new document” buttons. Create and save the file. Remember to have a filename, which is identifiable by collaborators. If you forget giving it a name, the first sentence of the document will become its filename, as auto saved by Google Docs. No need to go through the hassle of losing the document or going through chaos in the workroom right?  Simple and easy to access indeed to make collaboration quick to manage.
  • In the document you are currently working on, you will find a “share” tab in the top right corner of the Google Docs page. Click on it. A drop-down menu will appear; click on “share with others.” Key in the email addresses of the persons you wish to share access with. Click on the “Collaborator” box to allow document access for edit suggestions. For simple document viewing, click on the “Viewers” box. Also confirm checking the box labeled ‘Invitations may be used by anyone,” selecting “Invite” afterwards. For a viewership of over 200, click “Publish as webpage” from the drop-down menu.
  • If you wish to edit a document with them simultaneously, you can have conversations with them in an open chat room and give suggestions and comments while working on a particular open document. You can have easy access on this chat window at the top right corner on your Google Docs page. Select the blue bar and start chatting with the collaborators. Discussing the work you are doing is a great way to achieve a better final project.
  • To check closely what transformation a collaborator has made, check out the revision history. Key in “file,” then choose “revision”. Or you could also go to “tools” then cluck “revision history”. There you will notice the list of revisions of important details such as the time it has been completed and what changes have been made. You can also compare different sets of revisions by clicking on the “compare” tab.
  • For unrecognizable collaborators’ usernames, true identity confirmation is possible by email communication.  For offensive collaborators, deny them access to your presentation. As the document owner, you have the permission to dismiss and ban them.  Simply go to “Share,” then click “Share with others.” You’ll find a message that says “This document is currently shared,” as well as a list of currently active collaborators’ screen names with an “x” right after each which you can  click to abolish the chosen usernames’ access.

That's it! You have just saved a lot of time and energy trying to finalize your project. What’s more, it’s also free of charge!


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