How To Use Microsoft Visio Help

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming program from Microsoft Office which uses vector graphics. It is currently available in two versions, the Standard and Professional. In the later part of 2009, Microsoft released the 2010 beta version of the said program. Unlike its 2007 version, it features the Ribbon User Interface. This interface is where a set of toolbars are placed on tabs in a specified tab bar. 

However, in its updated 2010 version, one can readily observe that it has additional diagrams, more templates, and layouts as well. The unique functionality of Microsoft Visio 2010 also allows its users to connect their diagrams to a number of sources and display the information in graphics.

If you are new to this program, you might readily find it confusing and difficult to use. But the good thing here is that this program like any other Microsoft Office program also offers a Help command which will aid you in being familiar and eventually getting used to it.

Below is a list of tips that can assist you on how to use Microsoft Visio Help.

  • From the top menu, click “Help” or hit the “Alt” key together with “H”. You can also Click Microsoft Visio Help or hit “Ctrl” and “H” keys to find information on different topics regarding the program's uses and know-how.
  • You can search for a topic by keyword or you can just choose the “Table of Contents” feature from the sidebar options. Remember that when you choose the “Search for” option, Visio Help will automatically search for the topic related to any keyword that you type.
  • Use the “Table of Contents” option to see topics according to their different categories. To select a previous choice, just     click the back button and to go to a next option, hit on the forward button. The back button and forward button are seen as arrows pointing to the left and right respectively.
  • To discover “Automation Reference” and “Shape Sheet Reference”, select “Developer Reference” from the main “Help” menu. You must learn to use programming languages in Microsoft Visio to gain more functionality, make shapes and control shape appearance and behavior as well.
  • For you to control Visio's environment, create diagrams, makes shapes, and stencils among others, choose “Getting Standard Tutorial”. This feature will show you animations for learning to become easier.
  • For the purpose and function of many diagrams and charts, you can also browse the “Diagram Gallery”. In addition, if you want to plan how you can use Visio to become more productive, just click on the “Brainstorming Diagram.”

Being an in-demand program in various industries, Microsoft Visio's Help command will surely help its users and guide them towards better and quality work performance.

Using the said interface allows users to gain functionality and efficiency. In Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Visio, such interface is referred to as the Fluent User Interface. Formed as panel on top of a window, it houses a lot of command buttons with icons. Furthermore, related commands are grouped in one tab which makes it easier for users to locate their needed command. In Microsoft Visio, the same interface can be noticed.


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