How To Use Network Tools

At the dawn of the emergence of the Internet, the vision of an inter-connected, global community became a complete reality. The inter-connection of people through their computers made way for many innovations that were not possible before. However, the World Wide Web as we know it now is a product of the many different programs aiming to make surfing the net easier and more manageable, one of which is the network tool.

There are a lot of network tools that are available as freeware tools across he Internet. However, you may not have the slightest idea how to use them. Here are some guidelines to remember in using them.

  1. Be safe first. The cyberworld is teeming with viruses, spyware and spam trash that may harm your and your network’s computers. To have better security, secure a firewall, much better if you install a higher-end intrusion protection technology (IPT). Problems within the network can be isolated and easily rectified with this precaution.
  2. Read the product description first. Because of the diverse number of network tools that are available for free download, each has its own functions, whether for network pinging or for supervision of the entire network’s processes. Because of this, it would be actually better to read the description of the software first before downloading.
  3. Install it in the designated ‘server’ computer first. Choose among the computers among the network who will be the server or supervisor wherein the monitor tools can be installed. If you do not know what computer in the network is the main computer, ask the administrator or the one who made the connection between computers.
  4. Look for a readme file or a user manual. The best place to find information is of course in the tool itself. Before making some moves with the program, it is better for you to have knowledge about what you are going to do.
  5. See and try its features. You can easily look at its functions through its interface. How does it monitor the other computer’s processes? How is file sharing optimized?  Try playing with its features.
  6. If the tool is not the one you are looking for, don’t hesitate to look for another. As said earlier, there are a lot of network tools out there ready to be tried. In case you don’t know how to start, check out and try their 15-in-1 network diagnostics tools. Its simple user interface and network utilities are simple and easy to use. For more, visit and You will find a bountiful number of programs out there, each with different functions, with network graphs and such.

Network tools may overwhelm you in the first glance, but once you get familiarized with their user interface, it would be relatively easy to use them. Once you completely master them, you can optimize your network, no matter how small or large it is, and create a smooth network that would be suited for your work, be it for commercial or domestic purposes.


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