How To Use Orkut

Google has its own version of social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster and MySpace. It's called Orkut, named after the man who created Google himself. This social networking program has taken off in India and Brazil, and for good reason. It's got a lot of great features. Learn how to use Orkut by following the guide below.

Step 1

Create your profile. When you first visit the Orkut page (, you will first need to create a username and password. If you have one, your Google name and password will work. Otherwise, sign up for a new account. Once you reach the Orkut main page, begin creating your profile. Fill in the details about your personal, social and professional life (of course, only ones that you want to share with others.) Include a caption under your profile if you like. Then add pictures or videos to your profile, linked from either YouTube or Google Video.

Step 2

Understand the scrapbook feature. A popular feature of Orkut is the scrapbook community. It provides Orkut members with a way to communicate both on and offline. You can even receive a popup when you receive a new ‘scrap' from a friend.

Step 3

Join a community. As an Orkut user, you can also join various communities. Or you can create your own community focused on just about anything. In a community, you can post topics, list events, ask questions or just play around. There are millions of communities in Orkut, and more are added every day. You can search for Orkut communities you might be interested in. Then you can invite your friends and other Orkut users to your favorite communities. (You can even create a poll to poll community members about their preferences within a community.)

Step 4

Invite your friends to join Orkut. The best part of Orkut is that you can share it with your friends. You can invite your friends to join Orkut and create groups of friends. You can become a fan of other friends who are members, and rate them on their characteristics (cool, sexy or trustworthy).

Step 5

See who's online. When you login to Orkut, you can see which of your friends are online using Orkut at that moment. Friends are listed by who most recently logged on. Chat with your friends online, or send messages to those who are away or offline.

Step 6

Browse other profiles.  Take a look at what other people have included in their Orkut profiles. Unlike Facebook, there are fewer security features with Orkut, so you can visit any user's profile. Orkut is improving its efforts to add privacy features to certain files shared online (like photos, videos and scraps). Still, the best way to have a say in who reads your profile on Orkut is to add unwanted viewers to your ‘Ignore List'. You may also read who is on your friend's ‘Crush List', a fun feature that joins two crushing friends.

Orkut is available in a variety of languages (Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi). This makes its user base huge! You'll surely be able to find someone you know who is a member and fan of Orkut.


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