How To Use Parental Internet Control Tools

The Internet is a huge, wonderful sandbox for kids to learn and play. However, like most unsanctioned areas, there are some sites that you may not want your children to see, be it pornography or anything offensive to your culture, your beliefs, or your religion. It's a good thing that there are a lot of Internet control tools out there. From Internet Filtering, Block Control, and even Monitoring Control, you can learn how to police the sites your children visit so you never have to worry about them being subject to websites that you don't think are appropriate for your child. These can be bought for a minimum fee of, at an average $10. But there are free versions too for you to try out.

  1. Download and Install. The first thing you need to do when getting a parental Internet control tool is to download it from the website it's located at and install it on your computer. This is a fairly easy step that requires either an active Internet connection or a trip to the computer store and buying a CD. To download, search for good children control websites on the Internet and choose one that fits your child's computer style. Installing a downloaded program or a CD with the program is easy as the instructions will be there. Remember to read their EULA(End-User License Agreement).
  2. Find questionable sites. If your child has already learned how to use the Internet before having parental control, observe his Internet habits for questionable sites. Questionable sites are sites that may have content that is not appropriate for your child or are a danger to himself or the people around him. Most Internet parental control programs already have a large list of banned sites. However, the Internet changes and adds websites to its dossier pretty quickly, so there are some sites that may seep through the cracks. Check forums regarding new questionable content sites to help your children.
  3. Block bad sites immediately. If you find any questionable sites, block them. Most Internet parental control programs have an “Add to List” option where you can simply place that web page's URL on the list so your child cannot visit it on the off chance that he sees it on one of the chat sites he's on. This will ensure that he is not subjected to anything damaging for himself.
  4. Talk to your child. Even if the Parental Control program is doing its job, it is very important for you to talk to your children regarding the necessity of having an Internet block in place. Your children might think that you don't trust them due to the need for a program that restricts them and that you don't value their judgment in websites. It is needed to place a firm, but gentle hand on your children and making them realize that there are some things that they might not consider dangerous, but actually are. The applications help you in keeping your family safe, but you need to make your children understand that these applications are for their own good, and that the Internet has a lot of dangerous content sites lurking about.


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