How To Use Photoshop CS2 to Do a Photo Montage

Adobe Photoshop is widely used now a day not only to edit the event photos or advertising photos, but also for everyday photos and the correction of even its miniscule details. The Adobe Photoshop is a high technology photo editing software in which it allows the users of the software to create new projects and also to use its wide range of tools to incorporate in their project.

Here are a couple of ways on how to use the Photoshop CS2 photo montage:

  • First off try organizing all the photos that you would want to use for the photo montage. Try to put all of the pictures that you will be using in a folder to make it easier to locate and find. Open the program of the Photoshop CS2 and click on to “File” and “New” to open a new project. A window will then pop to assist you as it gives you options.
  • Select what your photo montage will be used for. You may either use the program’s pre-set sizes of “800 x 600” or “1024 x 768” for desktop wall papers. If what you are making is for the web, then you may choose “640 x 480” which has a smaller resolution.
  • If you would wish to choose a larger resolution for the purpose of printing out your photo montage, then you may choose the pre-set sizes of “4 x 6” and “8 x 10”. If you would want a size that is not on the pre-set sizes selections, then you may enter in your custom size of choice.
  • Open your folder where you organized all your photo montage pictures. Highlight the pictures by simply clicking and dragging on to them. Click the mouse and hold it to drag your chosen pictures directly on to the Photoshop. The program may take quite some time to load in all of your pictures.
  • Click each of your photos and drag them into the blank canvas so that your picture may be added. When each of your pictures is added, this creates a new layer for the project. Simply confirm this by looking at the layer window.
  • If you wan to select the “Layer Properties” simply right-click on the layer. It is better that you change the layer name to a title of your preference to keep your project organized and so as to avoid confusion.
  • There are more various options to keep you busy as you play on and fix your photos with the Photoshop CS2. Try venturing the program and find out each and every way on how to better your photos. Remember to save it once you are satisfied and successful with what you have done.

One of the basic and is easy to use applications in the Photoshop CS2 that the software users may use is the photo montage. Whether it may be for an event, advertising, or simply our everyday use, the photo montage is easy to use and can be managed in a variety of ways.


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