How To Use Questionnaire Software

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The popularity of questionnaire software is increasing. Those who have actually used it find that the system is so much more cost effective and is the fastest means for gathering information, particularly when the group is very large. Questionnaire software is a very effective web survey tool that immediately delivers results. You can use it for your clients, the visitors on your site, your very own staff and many types of respondents. There are plenty of software survey tool available online. Many of these are actually free, easily customized and user-friendly.

A typical online questionnaire tool which you can use for free will only require you to input minimal data. For instance, if you would like to get a snap poll, you can try Survey Galaxy. Using it is fairly simple:

  1. On their website, open the WYSIWYG building tool. Because it typically is a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" set up, you will not have a difficult time navigating to the control panel. Plus, the survey itself comes out really more impressive, your respondents should be pleased with how simple it is to use.
  2. On the panel, you can customize text, change colors, add image or choose to use buttons, check boxes or something fancier. Everything there is pretty much provided and all you have to do is pick what you would like to use. There may even be some pre-set templates so you don't have to spend a lot of time choosing.
  3. When you have done "designing" your survey form, you simply just hit the publish button and it's now live. You will be provided with either a link to the survey online or a code of the survey that you can embed on your own site.
  4. As soon as your web survey tool is working, you can easily monitor and analyze the data you get from this. Most of these free questionnaire tools come with a monitoring access that provides the data in real time. You can also customize this and filter what you want to get from the report.

Now, this is just for one particular type of questionnaire software. Others may come full-featured and with a lot more options to offer, but the basic concept of any software survey tool usually works this way.
If you don't have a website from which to do surveys this way, you can also choose to use email survey software.  Email surveys, such as the one from Question Pro, lets you make surveys you can distribute to all of your intended respondents via email. There are several types of questionnaires to use but how you basically use this is by doing the following:

  1. Customize the questions you want to have on your survey form by inputting details asked. You will do the customization on their website.
  2. Input the email addresses to which you're sending these forms.
  3. When it's done, your friends, clients and respondents will either receive the survey form via email, or get an email asking them to check the survey form online.

Like most questionnaire software, the results for this may also be monitored in real-time and sorted by demographics. 


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