How To Use Registry Cleaners

A registry cleaner is a program that is used to get rid of the unnecessary items in the computer’s registry. If you always use your computer to browse the Internet and if you are fond of downloading a lot of applications and games, you must install a registry cleaner on your computer. The registry cleaner will be able to get rid of a lot of useless data and this will make your computer run faster. If you do not already have a registry cleaner, you should download and install one so that your computer will run efficiently. It does this by freeing up resources used by other unnecessary applications upon start-up.

Here are the instructions on how to use a registry cleaner:

  1. Download. You can search for some popular registry cleaners on the Internet. Free downloads for this type of software are available so that you do not have to spend. When you search for registry cleaners, you must be wary of fake products. Download the registry cleanup software that has a good review. Some of the best registry cleanup programs that are popular for PC users are Registry Easy, Registry Fix and Reg Clean.
  2. Install. After downloading the program, run it through an antivirus and install it on your computer. Follow the prompts until the installation has been completed. In some cases, you will be required to reboot your computer. Just follow the instructions until you have successfully installed the registry fix software.
  3. Using the Program. Open the program on your computer and the interface for the registry cleaner will appear. In most registry cleaners, you will be able to see a button that says “Scan Registry.” Just click on that button to start the scanning process. The scan of the entire computer may take several minutes, depending on the amount of items that are inside your registry.
  4. Removing Unnecessary Items. Once the scan is done, the software will display all the unnecessary items that are found in your registry. You will also have the option to repair the registry. The unnecessary items will be deleted from your computer and all the repairs that need to be done will be accomplished by the software. After this, you can reboot your computer and see how fast it can work without the useless files.
  5. Schedule Scan. Some of registry booster programs will allow you to set a schedule for automatic scanning of the registry. If the program you have does not give you this option, you must manually scan the registry of the computer regularly. This will ensure that your computer will be clean of unnecessary applications and responsive whenever you use it.

These are the steps on how you can use a registry cleaner. Before downloading registry cleaner software, it will be good if you compare the different programs available so that you can choose one that will be easy for you to use and at the same time do its job as a registry cleaner. There are a lot of free Windows registry cleaners that are available on the Internet so it is best if you download one that has a good reputation.


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