How To Use SBC Global Email

Before the days of online chat or instant messaging, there was a time when people could only use e-mail to communicate with others via the internet. It was a tedious process, often taking more than an hour just to send and receive several messages in attempt to hold a conversation. Also, during those days one of the biggest problems was that when people were away from the computers they normally used at home, they would be unable to check their e-mail accounts. SBC Global E-mail was created for the sole purpose of being able to check your account and mail without being limited to your own computer. All you would have to do is go to an internet café, or perhaps a library, and check your account there.

Following these simple steps will allow you to properly sign-in and use your SBC Global account, but of course, before you follow these instructions you need to have an account in the first place. To do this, create one in the official website of SBC Global. Once finished, you may proceed with these instructions:

  • Enter the official SBCglobal website via the internet. This is the only place where you can log into your account.
  • Type in your unique SBCglobal username (which would be the name written before the ‘@’ in your e-mail address), in the top box.
  • Choose the drop-down menu beside the username you typed in, and then look in the list for Once found, click it.
  • Write down your password in the empty white box next to ‘Password’.
  • Having followed the steps above, sign in to your SBCglobal account by clicking the sign-in button, which would be next to the box where you typed your password in.
  • Once you are signed in, you may manage the account like you normally do. There is no difference whether you are logged on to your computer at home, the office, or an internet café. You can create new e-mail to send by clicking ‘Compose’, and add attachments to it among others. Also, be aware of the fact that any message you delete using that computer will be permanently deleted, and will no longer appear no matter which machine you use to sign in to your account.
  • When you are finished with managing your account, remember to click the ‘Sign Out’ or ‘Log Off’ button, especially if the computer you are using is not your own. Privacy is important, and it would be potentially disastrous to let a random stranger obtain access to any of your private e-mail and/or files.

Finally, Yahoo! and SBC Global have also merged to create “AT&T Yahoo!”. Because of this, SBC Global users now have access to most if not all of Yahoo!’s aspects and services—they can play games, set up a “My Yahoo!” page, and even log in to Yahoo! mail using an SBC Global account. So even if SBC Global is taking on the years, it is still decent and noteworthy, able to compete with other internet services in this day and age.


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