How To Use Spell Check in Word

You can never be sure that what you type in MS Word is one hundred percent accurate in terms of spelling and grammar. However, there simply are times that you feel too lazy to double-check these things. Good thing that Word has just the right feature to help you with this. In just a few clicks of a button, Word’s Spell Checker can help you easily see your mistakes and correct it right away.

If you haven’t used this feature yet, better take advantage of the Spell Checker to assist you in producing error-free copies. This is especially true if you are typing important documents such as letters, academic papers, and the like. So here, take note of these following guidelines on how to use MS Word’s Spell Check option:

  • Select the word or texts. Start by highlighting the texts that you want to be checked. Or, if you wish to check the whole document, simply position your cursor just anywhere in the file. There is no need to highlight them all anymore.
  • Open the "Spelling and Grammar" feature.  Go to "Tools" and then "Spelling and Grammar" right from the standard toolbar. When you click "Tools," there will be a dropdown menu where you can see the "Spelling and Grammar" option. A pop-up box will open shortly.
  • Review the results. For every word or phrase that has errors in terms of grammar and spelling, you will see them flagged or in red. This can be seen right on the upper-left of the window. It is also indicated in there why the word or phrases has been flagged. One common reason you will see is "Not in dictionary."
  • Notice the suggestions. Word will provide you correction suggestions for the flagged words. This can be seen on the lower-left side of the window.
  • Change a word to the preferred suggestion. Click on the right suggestion that you wish to reflect on your document. For instance, if you mistyped "spell" as "spel," you will find a list of different suggestions such as spell, spill, and the like. Choose "spell" and click on "Change" so as it will reflect on your document. If there are several instances in the document that the word is misspelled, choose "Change All" so as all the misspelled "spell" will be corrected all throughout the document.
  • Enter your own correction for a flagged word. If you don't find the correct spelling on the list of suggestions or if there are no suggestions displayed, correct the spelling by yourself. Put your cursor right onto the flagged text and correct it as you wish it to be. Then, click on the "Change" button after doing so.
  • Ignore suggestions. If you don't find any need to correct the flagged words, simply click “Ignore all.” This is especially true for proper names that are not entered into the Word dictionary.
  • Add words to the dictionary. If there are words that you frequently use that the Word dictionary does not recognize, add them to the dictionary. Click on the "Add to Dictionary" so that when you use the same word again in the future, the Spell Checker will not flag it again.

Using Word’s Spell Check from time to time can guarantee you of a flawless document every time. Thanks to this feature, you need not go through your document from top to bottom again just to double-check it for errors. With a simple Spell Check, every mistake that needs to be corrected is already given.


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