How To Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords is one of the most important tools that you need if you want to make it big on the internet. With Google Adwords, you will be able to generate and use keywords that will help put your website on the top of search engine results page. This, in turn, will help increase your web traffic. Here’s how you can use the Adwords keyword tool for your website.

  • Sign in. there are two ways to access Google Adwords. One is by creating an account at Google, and the other is by using the external link. If you choose to use the external link, you will need to click on the ad campaign and then select the group where you want to belong to.  If you have your own account, however, you will only need to sign in. creating your account is free.
  • Keyword tool. Next, look for the keyword tool. You can do this by going to the Keywords tab that is located on the top part of the screen. Once you have clicked on the tab, you will be directed to a page where you will find a tab that asks you how you want your keywords to be generated. Here, you will find various categories on how your keywords will be generated. Some of the common categories are “website content,” “Descriptive words or phrases,” and “existing keywords.”
  • Keywords. Once you have selected the category, you will need to type in the keywords for your website. If you have an online boutique that sells lingerie, for example, your basic keywords will be online, boutique, lingerie. These sets of keywords, however, are only some of the most basic keywords that you have. You need to look for other keywords that work well with your website. If you sell Calvin Klein underwear, for example, you can include Calvin Klein lingerie in your list of keywords. The key is to be creative and to try to think like the customers who may want to access your website.
  • Filter. Google Adwords will then automatically create a list of keywords that may be used for your website. The keyword list can be very long, and since you cannot be expected to make use of all these keywords, you will need to select only the ones that you like. To do this, you will need to filter the keywords that Google Adwords has created.
  • Stats. Once you have begun using the keywords for your website, the next step is to determine how effective the keywords are. You can do this by using the search volume statistics viewer. This will show you how many times the keywords were used and how your website fared in search engine results. Remember that you can also view the statistics for the keywords even without using them for your website.

Once you have the final list of keywords that you want to use, simply copy them into a spreadsheet program and then upload the file in Adwords. Make sure that you save any changes that you make, otherwise the keywords will not take effect in your website.


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