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If you are trusting Norton or Symantec for your computer's security, then you might be familiar with the Norton Auto Fix Tool. The Norton security software is not actually only limited to anti-virus, anti-spyware and privacy controls. This Auto Fix program is one important component in the security application of the computer.

When you speak of the Auto Fix Tool, it is Norton's component that has the special function of detecting any possible errors in the computer that might be causing problems to any of the Norton programs. Whatever the result may be, it provides the user relevant information in fixing the issue. It is like an auto DIY solution for a lot of computer problems.

About the Auto Fix Tool

There are some instances that the security program itself encounters a problem while in the process of protecting the computer. One example of this problem is a message displaying information that the software encountered an internal error. Though most of the causes of the problems are hard to determine, the usual reasons include conflicting files and malicious software. Whatever reason is behind the error, it still needs to be given a remedy. This is where the purpose of the Auto Fix Tool comes in.

Using the Auto Fix Tool

For every error that the Norton or Symantec program encounters, the first option for fixing the issue must be using the Auto Fix Tool. To use this program, you need to check the following guidelines:

  1. The program can be found at Symantec's Web site,
  2. Before running the program, make sure that all other programs in your computer are closed.
  3. Start the Norton Auto Fix Tool.
  4. The program will then scan your computer system and determine any known issues.
  5. Once an error is detected, the tool will provide you any of the following solutions: technical documents with troubleshooting instructions, a file or program that you are required to download, or a virus removal tool.
  6. Follow whatever the instructions are on the screen.
  7. Test the computer system to check if the solution is successful.

Aside from this option, there is another way to access the tool. Since the Auto Fix program uses a lot of controls to better help in the process, there are some smaller programs that can be downloaded to do the same function. One example of this is the ActiveX Control. Once this program is installed in the computer, it detects all relevant information in the Norton programs. All the data that the ActiveX Control had collected can be viewed once the Details button is clicked.

After selecting the product from the Details option, you will then be asked if you wish to send the data to Symantec. If you do, Symantec will check the data for any problems and will provide you a solution in regards to the errors determined.

With the proper use of Norton Auto Fix Tool, you can be assured of a total protection of your computer system. You will be 100 percent assured that all viruses, malwares, spywares, and any other harmful programs in your computer will be out of the picture.


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