How To Use the Spell Checker in Microsoft Word

The spell checker in Microsoft Word is a very innovative and useful feature of this word processing program. You no longer have to pay too much attention to the spelling of the words that make up your composition. Not only will this feature help you save time, but it will also guarantee that none of the words are misspelled. The Spell Checker feature is also available on other Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. These instructions cover how to use spell checker in Microsoft Word for Windows XP.

  1. Access the document you want to check for spelling errors. Firstly, you will need to open a Microsoft Word file. You can either open an already existing document file by accessing the specific folder that you had it saved in previously, or you can start a new Word document file. If necessary, you can do the preliminary steps by naming the file and saving it in a folder of choice.
  2. Identify the word or set of words you want to spell-check. If you will be checking the spelling of just one word, then place the mouse's cursor on that specific word. If you will be checking the spelling of words throughout the whole document you are working on, then you can put the mouse's cursor just about anywhere within the document.
  3. Access the Tools tab on the Word document file. There are nine tabs found on the uppermost portion of the Word document file. Select the sixth option, the Tools tab, by clicking on it once, and a pull down list will pop up. Select the option Spelling and Grammar by highlighting it. The Spelling and Grammar dialog box then appears and will subsequently commence the spell checking.
  4. Replace the badly spelled words. Words that were wrongly spelled will be highlighted by the Spell Checker feature. It will even indicate the reason why it highlighted a specific word or set of words. Errors such as Capitalization or Not in Dictionary will be displayed in the upper left portion of the Spelling and Grammar window. Furthermore, the program will issue suggestions on how to correct the identified mistakes. These will be viewed in the Suggestions: section at the lower left portion of the Spelling and Grammar box. Click on the button Change found at the right-hand side of the Spelling and Grammar box for the program to automatically replace the identified mistake with the suggested correction.

When you do so, a small pop up box will appear on your computer screen informing you of the changes made to the document.


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