How To Use TradeStation on a Mac

TradeStation is a trading application that allows users to track a whole slew of markets in one interface.  The application allows users to formulate and test various trading strategies for a specific stock in the market based on real time data.  The software allows a user to execute and enact these strategies into reality after the design and simulation as well.  This is why most online traders depend on this application because it allows you to see what will happen should you employ a specific trading action in a simulation in the market prior to actually implementing it live.  This allows you to see the results and if it is favorable before executing the move.  This fantastic trading application is unfortunately available using a Microsoft Windows operating system which is why it can be rather difficult for you if you are using a MAC.  However, since many have clamored to make the software available for MAC users, by installing a simple application on your MAC OS, it is now possible to use TradeStation on your MAC.

  • Download and install BootCamp.  Since TradeStation only works using a Microsoft Windows operating system, you will need to download and install an application that can run the particular operating system while using your MAC.  There are a number of these kinds of application available but BootCamp is by far the most efficient.  BootCamp is free and you can download it easily by logging into  Search for the produce and execute the download.  Once completed, run the file to install it on your MAC.  Choose whether to install Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.  The latest version is for Windows 7 so it would be advisable to use this.  Don’t worry; TradeStation is known to work on Windows 7.  Make sure to download and install Internet Explorer once you complete the installation of BootCamp.  TradeStation only works with this web browser.
  • Download and install TradeStation.  Log on to  and sign up for a new account.  Follow the instructions and encode the required information.  They will require you to input your social security number to verify your identity so make sure to code that in as well.  After the sign up and once your account have been created, you will now be able to download and install TradeStation.  Make sure that you are running Windows 7 as you install the application.  Reboot the PC to complete the installation and choose to run Windows 7 as it boots back up.
  • Run TradeStation.  Once your MAC boots up using Windows 7 locate the desktop shortcut for TradeStation which should have been saved during installation.  Double click on it to initialize.  You will be required to enter your username and password.  Once that is done, you are now ready to start trading online.

You can use Windows XP or Vista instead of Windows 7 if you find these easier for you to use.  It really does not matter for as long as you are using Windows as your operating system when using TradeStation.  Hopefully, in the near future, TradeStation will become available for MAC OS as well.


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