How To Use Visiting Card Software

Gone are the days when creating a business or visiting card was the sole domain of a printer/typesetter. You’d need to place an order and wait for at least a week to get your new stack of visiting cards, and woe betide you if you’d exhausted your existing supply in the meantime!

Like many other things, technology came in and revolutionized the whole printing process and today, you can design and create your own visiting cards with the help of a computer, a printer and any visiting card software program, of which there are plenty available in the market; some are free and some will cost you, but the end result is that you’re not dependent on the local print shop anymore! This article tells you how to use visiting card software.

Browse for software

Keying the phrase ‘visiting card software’ will throw up thousands of links! Click on anyone to get started. You can refine your search further by adding terms such as ‘free’, ‘best’, ‘simple’ and so on.
Pre-loaded software on your computer

If you have Microsoft Office loaded on your computer already, then there are several ready-made templates already included in the MS Word package, else you can browse Office Online on the Microsoft for even more choices. Visiting card templates can also be prepared using software such as Corel, PageMaker, Adobe, or any other such graphics packages, which might be installed on your computer or you, may have already bought as standalone packages for other purposes.

Visiting card software examples

Listed here are some free visiting card software programs available on the Internet, along with brief descriptions to help you out…

  • BusinessCards MX 3.99: Available in a restricted demo/trial version, the software has over 750 readymade design templates which can be used, or you can create your own templates.
  • Newlite Business Card Printer, Advanced Business Card Maker, Belltech Business Card Designer Pro, Business Card Studio and iBizCard are paid visting card software programs available for download at

Using the software
Once you’ve selected the program you want to use, follow the download instructions provided, once you’ve determined that you have the necessary hardware and system configurations compatible with the software program. Once the download is complete, run the software program and read through the instructions and help manual, before you start using the software.

General instructions

A few pointers specific to designing visiting cards…

  1. Size of the card: Business cards can be created in two sizes, (a) Business (92x60 mm); and (b) American (92x54 mm).
  2. The design layout can be horizontal or vertical.
  3. One or two colors are fine to use, but too many colors will detract from the professional appearance of the visiting card. Of course, you can get as colorful as you want if it’s a personal visiting card that you are creating!

In conclusion, using visiting card software to churn out customized and professional looking visiting cards is a simple and fun task to do!


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