How To Use Your Computer as an Amplifier for Your Microphone

Computers are capable of doing thousands of different things. One of these is recording music. A lot of young people today, both young and old, make use of their computer as means of recording their covers of songs and even their original compositions. It is very easy to record good music with great sound effects through your desktop computer or even your laptop.

The process of recording music goes like this:

Play an instrument or sing on the microphone connected to the computer. The sound signals you send through the microphone will be sent into the computer and gets recorded. With use of the control panel or any software that specializes in music, the volume of your recording can be increased and a reverb may be added to amp up your instrumental and vocals.

  • Begin installing the drivers and the software by placing the CD of the audio driver into your computer’s CD-ROM. This driver usually comes with the audio interface called the Fast Track USB when purchased. Do not plug this audio interface into the computer.
  • It is very easy to install this driver. Simply follow the indicated directions. Click on the button that says Continue Anyway if you encounter a window that tests hardware. Carry on with the whole process of installation. Once it is done, you will be asked to reboot the computer. Turn it off correctly then turn it on again.
  • The audio interface should be plugged into an end of a USB cable. The other end should be plugged into one of the USB ports of the computer. This will immediately be detected as a new hardware device. Then the rest of the driver files will be downloaded well.
  • Click twice on the control panel of the Fast Track USB icon. It can be found on your desktop and will immediately direct you to its control panel. On the other hand, you may also utilize any other music recording software that is available to you. Make sure that it has an editing feature. Simply follow the instructions in its manual or a tutorial demo that shows how to make use of its different features and functions.
  • Your microphone should then be plugged into the back XLR port of the Fast Track USB audio interface. If you are going to use a guitar, place the guitar’s quarter of an inch chord into the one-fourth inch TRS input that is found at the back of Fast Track as well. When recording your guitar, click on the Input Level Switch.
  • Your earphones should then be plugged into the headphone port found on the audio interface’s front. The speakers and monitors should then be plugged into the interface with the use of white and red RCA wires or cables. You may now start recording to your computer music that is amplified.

There a lot of audio interfaces that have more sophisticated features available in the market. All you have to do is search around. Get yourself familiarized on how to use whichever model you choose.


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