How To Use Zune

Microsoft Zune is quickly becoming one of the most talked about music players since the introduction of the iPod. Although there is a great deal of controversy over which media player is superior, many consumers are choosing to give the Zune a try. The Zune offers a great deal more features than the iPod and this is one of the reasons people are choosing to switch from Apple to Microsoft. Using a Zune is not quite as complicated as you might think. In order to utilize all the features built into this media player, there are a few steps which can be followed to take full advantage.

  1. Learn how to properly use the software associated with Zune, similar to how iTunes is associated with the iPod. This software allows you to burn, copy and rip CDs to add to your playlist. Download podcasts, audio books and of course organize your playlists.
  2. Join Zune's social network. This is one of the most original features of a media player today. You have the ability to update your profile, search for others interested in the same music as you through this network and make new friends quite literally through your music player!
  3. Choose the Zune which best suits your media needs. There are sizes which range from holding 1,000 songs to 30,000 songs and of course the rest of the media memory varies accordingly.
  4. Sync your music, pictures and games wirelessly to your home PC. This is a simple process that creates a new level of convenience media players has never offered before. This is done through the Zune software which can be downloaded for free directly through the Zune website.
  5. Adding or removing songs or media of any kind from your Zune is just as simple as using an iPod. Simply right click on the item you wish to delete and then select the delete option in the drop down menu that will appear.

As you can see although the Microsoft Zune as a great deal more features than the popular iPod it is still incredibly easy to navigate and user friendly for everyone. You do not have to be a technological wizard in order to navigate and utilize these fun and unique features. If you find you do have problems, the Zune website offers a step-by-step user's guide through the Zune software and the Zune itself to prevent any frustration.


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