How To Watch TV on Your Computer

Adult with a remote control

With cable prices soaring, many are seeking an alternative. If you have a list of favorite shows, and are considering watching television on your computer, there are several options. Follow these instructions below and find the best option for you. If you want my personal recommendation, you can save time and money by visiting Satellite TV for PC. I've got thousands of TV stations I can watch on my computer now, and it couldn't have been easier.

Internet connection
List of shows you want to watch
TV tuner connection (optional)

  1. Decide what you want to watch. The availability of shows you can watch online differs so it helps to know what you are looking for. Start by making a list. Then organize the list by the network that the shows can normally be found on. Take notice of whether these are new shows or older shows and note that the newest prime time TV shows are the hardest to find.
  2. Start with the network sites. Each of the big networks and most cable networks now have their own website. The network site is often the best place to watch the newest episodes though you may have to wait a few days. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX all have full episodes of some shows available online. Check their site first for the best chance to view the show you are looking for. Cable networks including ESPN, Lifetime, TNT and Sci-Fi also offer full episodes online for free. Sites like offer sites from several different channels but they aren’t always updated.
  3. Consider your movie membership. If you are a member of Netflix, you should also check their site for instant viewing options. This is a great source for DVD collections of past seasons or shows that are no longer on the air.
  4. Purchase and use a cable TV tuner. If you are looking to get rid of your cable connection, this is not the option for you because having a tuner installed onto your computer still requires a cable connection to get the shows. If you have cable, but just want to use your laptop as a television in the office or guest room, consider installing a TV tuner into your computer and hooking it to your cable system.
  5. Be careful of illegal viewing. The Internet is full of ways to watch TV for free that may not be particularly legal. When a first run show is available online on a peer-to-peer network, it is likely that the show's copyright is being violated.  If you do a general online search for the show you want to watch (if it’s not available through the network), you will likely still be able to find the show. Just be aware that these sites record the shows then place them online when they aren’t supposed to.
  6. Enjoy the show. Once you have found the show, bookmark the site and you will be able to return time after time to view the shows on your preferred networks.

Watching TV online is a great way to use your computer to add another TV to your home. Follow these steps and you should be able to watch online whenever you want. Watch full episodes of your old favorites from several sources.


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