How To Work with Remote Monitoring Software

If you have multiple computers and work station locations, you may want to see what is being done to and with your computers while you’re away. If you want to monitor the things while you tend to your other concerns, it is important that you use remote monitoring software.

Remote monitoring software would allow you to track the activities of a user who is using any computer or work station that has the monitoring software installed. This means that it would be possible to spy on the user without him or her knowing that someone is looking. If you want to make sure that your employees are being productive and are not spending company resources on very time wasting activities such as playing games while on the job or sending inappropriate emails that can compromise the integrity of your company.

IF you want to work with remote monitoring software, here’s a detailed step by step to monitor computers that are not necessarily within your vicinity at any given time:

  1. The first step is to make a choice regarding which software to use. The battle for supremacy in the software business is so tight that it’s very hard to select among the companies that are vying for your attention and most importantly, your top dollar.
  2. There are many criteria to use in selecting the software. The most important of which is the ability of the program to properly track and record everything that is being doing done to and with the computer. This means programs that would record keystrokes along with file movements, e-mail conversations, browsing history and even P2P activity should get top priority.
  3. Once you’ve already made a choice, install the programs using the manual and the installer provided by the manufacturer. Install this program to all the computers that you want to monitor. If you have networking capabilities (Windows Vista and 7 have this) you may set your computers up in such a way that you may be able to look into the computers through another master computer. You wouldn’t even have to be near the computer you want to see to be able to snoop regarding its last user’s activity.
  4. In tandem with the username and password log in systems, it would be easy to track who is doing what and it would be much easier to also tag the people who are doing things wrong (or right) as far as your company policy is concerned.
  5. Make it a point to check at random times so that people would always be ready for an inspection. By creating this measure, your personnel would be less tempted and less likely to commit offenses that would be against the policy of your company.

Monitoring remotely from your office shouldn’t be too hard. Just try to understand the monitoring software in the best way you can.


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