How To Write a Personal Blog

A blog is a site on the internet where a person gets to express his or her views. The views may be personal or professional or mere rants. Some write their blogs based on their personal experiences, some write to report things of interest. Many bloggers write their blogs in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion. Others are careful about their grammar, syntax, format and other presentation forms. There are even blog writing courses available online.

Preparing to start blogging

You would have heard of blogs from your relatives or friends, from news channels or news papers. You may wish to write blogs based on personal experiences that you wish to share with your loved ones and friends. A personal blog need not follow any particular pattern.

What to blog about

You can begin your blog with some activity you have recently undertaken. Mention what is interesting to you. Update your blog regularly about something new you have discovered while pursuing your activity. This will keep the interest of your readers alive and they will keep revisiting your site.

Personal blog content and format

Have a good theme all the time. You can vary your blog with different posts. Put up a photograph if possible. Video is a good idea if you are sure it is interesting enough for visitors to have the patience for it to load. Your blog should be easy to read. Unless you are an academician who have fellow academicians or pedantically oriented fellow individuals who can read pages without paragraph breaks, your blog should be divided into equal paragraphs, headings, graphics and where possible, pictures to illustrate your point.

Use your personal style and let your style and personality come out but try and ensure your spellings, grammar and syntax are intact. If your personal style keeps varying according to your mood, then so be it. Even that attracts visitors.

Connecting personal blogs

Write your blog such that when you link it to others, preferably like-minded individuals with quality content that is related to your niche content, there should be a reverse traffic and link back as well. Once you begin the link, others will cross-link to your blog.

Blogging should be fun and not tedious. Keep yourself amused and interest by varying your topics. If you feel like ranting, do it in a humorous fashion. If you have a humorous situation, try to present it dryly. Give both perspectives while writing a topic that invites discussions or requires the need to present arguments. Interact with your visitors. You will find that your personal blog will also attract mischievous elements that only seek to wreak havoc with your personal blog. Ignore or block them, but do not let them discourage you from continuing to write on your personal blog.


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