How To Write a Website Outline

You have thought it over on what you wanted to include in your website. The next step is to create an outline, not too detailed, on what you actually plan to do. Bullet points will do. This outline gives you an idea on how you plan to go about creating your website. Put in as much elements or sections as you can. Anyway, you can discard the unimportant ones later as you go along. Having a website outline is a concise and systematic way of planning for your website design.

The website outline must include a purpose for the website, the target audience, a list of each section you plan to include in the website, a description of the contents of your website and other essential elements such as user accounts, comments, social networking functions, account creation or sign up option and others that you might consider important to include in your website.

You can divide your outline into sections to make it more convenient. First, you must provide a purpose for your website. What would you like people to see your website? Who is tour target audience? What is your website about? These are important points to consider when creating your website.

Next, consider the navigation system you want to incorporate into your website. You must keep in mind the ease of navigation. Otherwise, it might discourage potential visitors from spending time on your website. It is frustrating for anyone visiting a website with confusing navigation protocols. The key here is to keep the navigation controls simple and systematic. There are several things that you need to consider. How would you want to link each page and how they are arranged? You can use text links, buttons, pop-ups, frames and a host other tools.

There are three navigation structures that you can choose from: the linear, hierarchy or random. Linear navigation simply links one page to the next. Hierarchy navigation allows you to link a few pages and then connect it to some other pages. This is most suitable for websites that carry a lot of directories or information.

Finally, random navigation allows you to go to any page on the website. If you decide to use this, a small search function is most helpful.

Next comes the presentation or layout. How would you want your website to look like? Your color schemes? The text fonts? The images you plan to include? Describe in your outline what you plan to do and how your website should look or presented.

The website outline allows you to add or remove elements before putting the plan together. It also allows you to create an estimate on how much it will cost to create the website and how long it will take to put it all together. The website outline is essentially a guide on how you will create your website. If houses have blueprints, this is your blueprint for your website project.


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