How To Install a Free Message Board PHP Script

Having your own website is a good way to get your message or opinions out and share them with other people. You can market your own products through your website or offer services. For whatever reason you want to have a website, it is always good to have a way for people to communicate their thoughts and opinions with you and to others who may find their way to your website. In the old days offices, institutions, clubs or schools would have a bulletin board or a message board for people to post anything they want to share with other people. But now as we use the computer and the Internet more often, message boards take on a new venue, one where the whole world can join in. People on the Internet can post topics and get a discussion online when people reply to the topics. To put up a message board on your website you can install a free message board PHP script.

  1. Download a free message board PHP script. Find websites offering free message boards to download. You will find numerous sites with free downloadable message boards, pick the one you prefer and download the files to your desktop. Once it is downloaded to your computer, open the folder containing the files and search for the read me file. It will contain the instructions you need to install the message board to your website. Follow the instructions to set up the settings, like the administrative password, the title and URL of your website in your text editor.
  2. Upload the message board through FTP. You’ll to open your FTP program to upload the message board files on to your server. Create a folder and name it board in your server’s directory. Publish or transfer the message board files to the board folder you created on your server.
  3. Create a directory called msg. Once you have all the files on your server, create another folder called “msg” then right click the folder to change the folder’s file attribute giving it a 777 numeric value. Locate the threads.txt and count.txt, give it a 666 numeric value in the file attributes for each.

You can now text the message board on your website. You can customize the message board through the CSS file in the mboard.php file.

Downloading and installing a free message board PHP script on your website is the best way to have a simple and effective message board on your website, and as a bonus it won’t take up too much space on your server.


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