How To Install Google Search on your Site

Most website owners don't realize they can have Google search on their websites, the result being that it makes their website more profitable and easier to use for the reader. Plus it's all free and simple to set up. So what's the point on missing out on the opportunity to harness the power of Google within 5 minutes?

First, you need to make sure you have a Google account so you're able to sign up for Google Custom Search. Then you need to go to to start the process.

Secondly, after you clicked the "Create a Custom Search Engine" button, it will lead you to a form with a bunch of questions. I have made it easier by having a list of the questions and how you should answer them below.

  • Search Engine Name: Websites Name
  • Search Engine Description: what the visitor will most likely be searching
  • What do you want to search: Depends on what you want
  • Select an Edition: Standard for Free or Business for $100 per year.

Then Press Next...

Third, check the "Send Confirmation Email to ...."  Then click finish. After that the web browser will take you to your Google Custom Search control panel where you can install, edit, and mange the search engines you have created, but for right now we will be installing the search engine you want on your website.

So to get started look around for a heading that says "Search Engines I've Created". Then under the heading should be a list of the search engines you have created. Next, look through the list and identify the search engine you want to put on your site (which shouldn't be hard since you can only create four search engines with a free Google Custom Search account). Now look for a link that should be right beside the search engine name that says "Custom Search Element" and click that. The link will take you to a webpage where you can copy a code that allows you to put the search engine on your website. Copy that code.

Finally, go to the place or program where you edit your web pages. Paste the search engine code you previously copied into your webpage. Then, when you save your webpage you should be able to view and use the Custom Google Search Engine you have created. And I promise it is well worth the effort.


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