How To Look for Flash Macromedia Tutorials

Flash macromedia animations are very common on websites nowadays. Flash animation has made websites more appealing. It enabled businesses and other companies to effectively market their products online. Would you choose regular graphic web advertisements over animated ones? Of course, you would choose the latter.

Flash began as Smart Sketch in 1990. It was a drawing application that was used by the PenPoint operating system. The application aimed to make the task of drawing computer graphics as close as possible to drawing on paper. Eventually, the application was able to add frame-by-frame animation capabilities. By that time, it was called FutureSplash Animator. Software giant, Macromedia, bought the software in 1996 and called it Flash. At present, it is known as Adobe Flash since Marcromedia was acquired by Adobe. Adobe Flash is used to combine video and audio for websites. Not only is it used for advertising but for gaming as well.

If you are interested in viewing Flash Macromedia tutorials, here's what you should do:

  1. Join the Adobe Developer Connection. Create an account and join your fellow Macromedia Flash enthusiasts. The Adobe Developer Connection page has all the resources that you need, be it the simplest Flash application or the most complex one. You can view tutorial videos via the Adobe TV Flash channel, too. Being part of the Adobe Developer Connection allows you to interact with other Flash programmers for more specific concerns or just pure socialization. The Community link has a list of Flash User groups in the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States.
  2. Check out free Marcomedia Flash tutorials online. There are websites that offer free Adobe Flash tutorials for newbies and Flash programmers who want to hone their craft. is an example of a site that offers a free Macromedia Flash tutorial, but it is very basic. has a comprehensive list of locations of various Macromedia Flash tutorials on the Internet.
  3. Buy or download a Macromedia Flash tutorial video. An example of this is the Macromedia Flash MX Tutorial CD. The CD has 11 hours of video or 123 lessons that will train you in the basics of Macromedia Flash. The package includes a certification serial number that verifies your training in Macromedia Flash.
  4. Check out free online tutorial videos. Head to YouTube and input Macromedia Flash in the search field. You will be surprised that there are over a thousand free video tutorials on Adobe Flash. Be reminded though that the videos in the list are not organized in sequential order, unlike when you buy a Flash tutorial CD or DVD. Viewing the tutorials on YouTube may only be helpful as a supplement to other Adobe Flash tutorial resources.

Remember that you should install the Adobe Flash software on your computer before attempting to view a tutorial so you can actually experience working with Flash animations. If you cannot afford buying the software at this time, you can download the 30-day trial version from With all these tutorials available for Flash Macromedia, you are on your way to creating your own computer animations in no time.


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