How To Find Online Book Review Sites

Are you in need of book summaries for your book report? Or are you in search of novel books from famous authors and book publishers? You may find yourself going online and losing your patience while exploring inappropriate and useless sites because of the vast range of book reviews on the net. To avoid this inconvenience, here are some sites for searching for the best book summaries and book reviews online. 

1. Bookhooks

This site can provide you with an analysis of books written for kids. What's more, it is not limited to providing book reviews only. The site is also loaded with illustrated book reports online. The writers themselves call this site "The World's Best Book Reviews" because of its interactive feature link – an Online Study Guide. With this feature, the site allows you to not only read book reviews but also to create them by yourself.

2. Telegraph

The latest book reviews, online news and opinions on current fiction and non-fiction books are found in this site. Aside from reading the book reviews, you may also watch an actual interview. And the best thing about this site is that you are always updated. You get to see what's hot and what's new on the latest printed books.

3. can definitely help you out by providing you with detailed search results on book reviews. All the reviews have been classified based on plot, characters, setting and writing style. You have three options to do a detailed search:

  • You may supply the name of the author or the title of the book.
  • You may search by plot, setting or character. For the plot, you can choose from horror story to crime thriller or medical thriller, and so on. You may also select what percentage of the book is allotted to violence, chasing, relationships and debates. You also have the freedom to select the time and tone of the story. Moreover, you may indicate whether you are looking for a kid or an adult book. For the setting, feel free to go from Asia to Pacific, or to go explore the jungles, cities and even scientific labs. For the main character, decide the gender, profession, ethnicity/race, age, and so on. Just choose one and you'll be given a list of books that satisfies your query.
  • You may take the one-click plot search on the right side of the home page. Once a plot is chosen, a list of titles together with its author's name is shown.

You can never go wrong using this site. They surely help readers in a unique and detailed way.

4. New York Times

Critics welcome you with their best reviews as you log-on to this site. They provide complete information about the books recognized in the New York Time's Best Seller List. Bloggers are welcome to submit book reviews online and be a co-critic too. If you really have the passion for books, you might as well try to make your own review and share your thoughts to others through this site.

Take note of these sites so that when you are in hurry looking for book summaries and reviews, you have a go-to list anytime. This will assure you that you can get reliable opinions from trustworthy critics around the world without ever wasting your time on crappy online book review sites ever again. Enjoy surfing! 


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