How To Find Online Criminal Record Background Checks

There are instances where you have to allow strangers into your home. This includes cleaners, gardeners, plumbers, nannies and others. You may want to check their backgrounds first before letting them into your house and trusting them. There are different websites that you can use to get a background check on these people. Learning how to do a background check is easy, and you may even find it fun!  If you want to take the information in this article step further and pursue a private investigator's license, then online classes are a fine way to start.

A good background check will help you choose which people you can trust and which ones you cannot. All you have to know is a person's basic information like his name and the state in which he resides.

Here are some online sources where you can check a person's criminal record:

  1. - You can use this website to perform an online background check and look at the criminal history of a person. This service is free. This will help you in the screening process before you get people for employment. All you have to do is enter the name of the person and click search. A list of people with similar names will appear. Click on the person that you are looking for and you can see the details of his arrest record. Other information you can get from the website includes sex offenders, criminal alerts and criminal statistics.
  2. - This website contains over 285 million public criminal records. You can use the information to check the history of a person. This service is not free. You will have to pay $34.95 for a regional search and $39.95 for a nationwide search. This website is mainly used by companies and businesses to do a background search on their employees and personnel. There are also international criminal records that are available on the website.
  3. - This is an online resource that you can use for investigation. The services on this website are not free. The searches available are the instant nationwide search for $12.95 and the state/federal combo for $24.95. There are also other options that you have on the website. This website has over 1 billion records on their file. This is also a website that many businesses use to screen their employees and has been providing services since 2002.
  4. - This is another website that you can use to investigate criminal records. The DMV website has an instant background check. You have to input the first name, the last name and the state. Information that will be displayed when there is a hit includes names and aliases, addresses, histories and relatives and criminal records if there are any.

These are some of the websites where you can conduct a criminal background check. For personal use, you can use the free criminal background check. If you own a company, it is advisable to use the websites where you have to pay so that the results will be accurate and you are sure to be able to detect if someone has a criminal record.  You may even want to take a few online criminal justice classes to hone your own skills.  It will be worth the peace of mind.


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