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It will always be man’s nature to look for meanings of words that they do not understand, especially if they come in a different language. Almost all of the languages appear to be intriguing to humans. However, Sanskrit is becoming one of the languages that almost everybody wants to understand. And it is a Sanskrit Dictionary that unlocks the meaning of the language for them. Sanskrit is a very interesting language used in some places in India. This is also the liturgical language of three of the world’s religions: Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. These are the people who usually seek the meaning of Sanskrit names and words.

Aside from these people who are looking for a Sanskrit translation of their mantras and books, the rest of the modern world is becoming interested in its words. For example, some people get a Sanskrit translation of their names for the unique version of a Sanskrit tattoo. It is also used to interpret a Sanskrit tattoo design that they might want to get for themselves.

The Help of a Dictionary

A Sanskrit dictionary will not only be helpful to people who do not have an idea about the language. It will also be beneficial for Sanskrit-speaking people looking for translations in other languages like English. There are English-Sanskrit and Sanskrit-English dictionaries like Monier and Capeller. Sanskrit dictionaries are not that hard to access anymore. Aside from thick dictionaries, they have invaded the online world as well. A lot of online Sanskrit dictionaries are on the rise, ready to be accessed by those who need the service.

Digging Sanskrit Words Online

The process in an online Sanskrit dictionary is simple. Actually, it is a lot easier to check for Sanskrit translation in an English-Sanskrit online dictionary than the regular one. You can skip the thorough flipping of pages to reach a desired word. You just need to enter an English word and you will be given the Sanskrit translation of the word in no time.

Another good thing about online Sanskrit dictionaries is that they not only give you the plain meanings of the words. Most of the online dictionaries like Macdonell and Monier give researchers the accentuation and even the etymology of the words. There are even some dictionaries that can give you an exact translation of a complete sentence or even a paragraph from Sanskrit to English or vice versa.

Some of the Sanskrit dictionaries that you can find online include:

  • The words in this dictionary are the usual communication words. New entries are being added to the database from time to time.
  • Acharya. This is the online version of the well-known Sanskrit Dictionary, Monier Williams.
  • Sanskrit
  • Capeller’s Sanskrit Dictionary. As of this time, this dictionary has about 50,000 entries.

Moreover, aside from the regular online dictionaries, there are also soft copies of dictionaries that are available for download. Meaning, when you download it, you can have more than a dozen pages showing you a list of Sanskrit words with their corresponding meanings. Many websites on the internet display electronic dictionaries that you can get.

With the help of an online Sanskrit dictionary, revealing the meaning of the language will become easier. Even though some do not have formal training in regard to the language, Sanskrit will never be that far anymore from the rest of the population of the world.


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