How To Find Software Downloads for Music Education

For many, education without the teachings of fine arts, such as music, is not complete. The arts have been in existence since the dawn of humanity. Across continents, races and culture, music has been embedded in the fabric of their societies and existence. It is therefore important that the teaching of music be made available to all, not just the wealthy who can afford flute lessons, trumpet lessons and private guitar lessons.  If the teaching of music will be for the rich families only, a cultural divide will be created within communities building another layer in the social classes. Music lessons should be included in the curriculum of basic and secondary education for both public and private schools. Music teaching should also be given the same importance such as writing, reading and arithmetic.

Computerization has brought a lot of innovative practices in many fields of education nowadays. With online education becoming an "in" thing, a variety of educational courses can now be obtained online. Take the case of music, many types of software is now available to teach you to play an instrument of your choice.

The Internet has revolutionized music such that people from all walks in life can learn music online as long as they are computer literate. They can even build their own blogs and post their music online. Some of these posters will one day be successful in getting the attention of music publishers and give them a break in the music industry. A website like served like an online “university of music” because you can learn all the necessary lessons to be able to play and appreciate music.

Here are software downloads that can be retrieved from the net that will amplify your interest in music.

  1. If you are into guitar playing you might be interested in this guitar tuning software called PitchPerfect. It runs on Windows base computers. Visit their homepage to download. If you want to retrieve guitar chords for your favorite songs, you can visit This site is a repository of guitar chords of songs shared by guitar-playing people.
  2. Auto Tuner – Full Featured Chromatic Tuner   is an intonation teacher and chromatic tuner in one. It records your intonation and analyzes the wave tones of the individual notes. Check the address above for downloads.
  3. MiBAC is a software that teaches musical theory. There are three (3) available titles namely, Fundamentals, Chords and Harmony and Jazz. You can download a free demo.
  4. GNU Solfege is an ear training software and run on Windows base computer. This is freeware and can be downloaded.
  5. AMCC 1.0 (A Music Crash Course 1.0). If you are a singer, musician or just somebody who would like to understand more about the music that you read, then this is for you. Beginners to intermediate level click here. This website also offers several music teaching downloads albeit most of them run only on Windows 95/98.

Once you have learned to make or simply appreciate music, you can post your songs on several blog sites such as Multiply and Facebook. You can also share music as well as interact with other musicians in


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