How To Find Online Stock Photo Services

At last you are done! You are now trying to recheck your project to see if there is an error. Content wise your project may seem okay. However, the presentation seems dull and you feel that there is something lacking. The question is how will you make your presentation more inviting to the eyes of your audience? How will you create a presentation that will sustain the interest of your audience? The answer to your question is the use of the stock photo.

Stock photo offers direct access to royalty free images. The stock pictures are provided for both beginners and professionals whether for private or commercial purposes. In addition, some stock photo companies offer subscriptions of royalty photos from first-rate photographers.

Here are the leading stock photo companies:

  1. Adobe Stock Photos. Adobe offers free photos that are well matched for programs such as InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2, and Photoshop CS2. Adobe sorting categories are as follows: by collection, concept, color, and photographer. Adobe’s image library has 500,000 images from providers such as Getty Images and Jupiter. Adobe also offers photojournalism, editorial, and vector images. Adobe Stock Photos are best suited for Adobe Creative Suite users.
  2. Getty Images. Getty Images is one of the top image companies. They provide editorial, news, celebrity, vintage, sports image, etc. Getty Images also offers high quality audio clips to enhance your project. Getty images does not only offer royalty free images but also offers royalty free videos. This company also offers stock footage. Unlike other stock photo companies, Getty Images can create customized images. Just tell them what you want and they will generate it for you. This is the reason Getty Images have more clients in the advertising and film industry.
  3. Images. Images provide exclusive access to excellent image collections of Image Zoo, Stock Illustration Source, and Spots Illustration. If you are seeking for quality illustrations, they are the perfect company for you. Aside from royalty photos, this company also provides all kinds of licensing (protected, managed). On the other hand, does not offer CDs of stock images, editorial, cutout, and vector images.
  4. Jupiterimages. Unlike other stock photo service, Jupiter offers a variety of subscriptions to suit their client’s needs and interest. Through a subscription in Jupiter, you will have the chance to share your images. Jupiter is also the only stock photo service that provides copies (in the form of CD) of image collections. In addition, Jupiter offers licensing alternatives. On the other hand, Jupiter does not present printouts of images.
  5. PunchStock. PunchStock offers almost a million stock pictures. PunchStock is one of the most economical options with a rate of $20 to $800. This company offers images ranging from high to low resolutions. Search categories are as follows: color, theme, collection, as well as release status. PunchStock is one of the best websites if you are finishing an advertisement.

With these five options and other online stock photo services available, you will surely have an informative and an eye-catching presentation. 


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