How To Find Online Suppliers of Wholesale Software

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Buying wholesale computer software is not a difficult task with the presence of online suppliers. If you are interested in buying wholesale software online, here are some sites you should consider visiting:

  1. The company started selling wholesale software in 1993. It is a well-known wholesale software supplier to computer stores, toy stores, discount stores, and other online stores. They take pride in having over 600 licensed software titles. To become a reseller, signing-up and making a profile is required. Once your reseller application form is approved, you will be able to log in to the company's website and view their stocks and corresponding prices. Customer support is available through toll-free numbers and email correspondence, but technical concerns about the computer software should be forwarded directly to the manufacturer's customer service department.
  2. is owned by Happy Jam, Inc. The company started virtual software reselling in 2002. They have over one thousand licensed software titles to choose from. They not only offer wholesale software distribution, but also sell computer software at retail prices. Customer support is available through live chat, toll-free numbers, and email correspondence. Although the company is based in Utah, they can ship wholesale software orders worldwide.
  3. DollarDays is a wholesale supplier of various products and computer software is just one of them. The choices of computer software in their gallery are not that widespread compared to the other two companies in this list. Log-in is required to view the stocks and the price list.

There are still countless wholesale software suppliers online that are not included in this list. You should be able to shop around first before settling on one supplier to have the best deal for your money. Here are some things that you should consider when looking for an online wholesale software supplier:

  1. Consider the company's reputation in the business. Count their years of existence and you will see how reliable the company is.
  2. Find a wholesale software dealer with a large volume of stocks. In case of backorders, the supplier should place the order fast and keep in touch with the reseller/client during the ordering process.
  3. Choose one with the best and most considerate returns policy. The supplier should be able to have a return policy that is customer friendly and that issues on returns are handled with fairness and with the welfare of the customer in mind.
  4. Fast processing of orders and shipment. Ordering online should be quick and easy. It is better if the order is shipped the same day.
  5. Wide range of payment options. The supplier should be able accept card, PayPal, and wired transfer payments aside from cash as most transactions are done online.

Selling computer software sounds like good business. Evidence of this is the rising number of computer software retailers online and offline. These retailers buy stocks from wholesale software suppliers. Buying wholesale gives them bigger discounts and the assurance that what they are buying is the real licensed computer software.


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