How To Create a Virtual Alarm Clock

These days, almost anything is possible with the power of the Internet and computers. Even waking up can be programmed into your computer through the use of a virtual alarm clock. You may think it unconventional, but there are actually a lot of resources online which enable you to do this.

While there is a certain mass appeal to wall clocks, cuckoo clock and the clock digital watch that you have on your wrist, the online virtual alarm clock has its own sets of benefits. For one, most of the software and Web sites that use this make use of the atomic clock settings, which is universal in nature and unites you with the rest of the world. Another thing is that it synchronizes itself with the time of your PC, which is a really benefit if you are an online worker.

The online virtual alarm clock is also non-obtrusive in the sense that you can just plug in the sounds to your headset when you take power naps during work and not disturb other people with your alarm clock. Here are some of the options, tools and software that you can use for creating your own virtual alarm clock 

  1. Online clock radio - One tool that you may find handy as you try out the virtual alarm clock for the first time is the online clock radio. You just need to select a genre of your preference or radio station so that it will be tasked to wake you up at the set time that you have. Some examples of Web sites that make use of this include the one installed on
  2. Alarm clock Web sites - The online clock radio is just one of the many tools but the more common is the alarm clock Web site, which just needs to stay open in your browser so that it will work effectively. There are many examples, and some of the favorites include the Metaclock, Kukuklok Alarm Clock, Klokoo, Avnoy and Naked Alarm Clock. Each have their own set of visual interface, so you just need to choose which one will best work for you. All of these online alarm clocks have their set of sounds to choose from.
  3. Alarm clock software for your PC - You can choose to install alarm clock software instead. The alarm clock software is much better if you are not really online during your waking hours. You can use it even if you are not really plugged in to the Internet. The only catch is that, like many software programs, it takes up space. An example of the alarm clock software that you can use is the Talking Alarm Clock. Most of the alarm clock software versions come with a digital interface.
  4. Program your own alarm clock - You can choose a variety of programming languages for creating your virtual alarm clock. Some favorites are Java applications and C++. You might need to have some background in programming to be able to pull this off.

The most convenient way to use a virtual alarm clock is to have ample space for download. An online program or offline one will work as long as you are using your computer. You just need to determine which has greater weight among the Web sites, programs, software, etc. to find the particular virtual alarm clock that will work best for you.


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