How To Find Online Tutorials for Photo Paint Software

We work with computers everyday. Primarily, computers are used to create text documents. But now, you can take advantage of other practical features as well such as the Internet, gaming and photo painting. Photo paint is a function of computer programs that allows users to edit and enhance photos. Photo paint software like Corel is extensively used by professionals and web designers. Even ordinary people with a natural talent in photos/drawing can use a photo program to do photo editing, enhancing or any photo project. The Corel Draw graphics suite is the latest software for photo painting. It brings together all the important tools that a professional or part time designer needs. You can use the vector illustration and web page tools. There are online tutorials that can help enhance your skills. Here are some sites that might help you get started.

  • Visionary Voyager – Visionary gathered all the photo paint and photo filter tutorials and presents them free of charge. On the other hand, there may be requirements before using the material. Contact the website owner first or take time to read the copyright note at the lower part of the page. Visit for more details.
  • Graphics Software – Online tutorials for graphic software can be found at About dot com. Just go to the computer technology category and click graphics software. Here you will find tutorials and procedures for correcting, editing, enhancing and restoring images in Corel paint.

  • Unleash – You can shop for Corel Draw and Corel Paint here. They have compiled the best training products that will enhance your skills in just a few days. You will learn how to use the brushes, retouch and restore photos and more. Take time to visit and see what product is best for you.
  • Shop – Shop dot net offers PSP or Paint Shop Pro tutorials that you can use in graphics design and photo editing. It also includes plug-ins that allow users to further enhance photos. They claim to be cheaper than any other photo paint software out there. For more details, visit  
  • Live Video – Tired of reading online tutorials? You can watch photo paint video tutorials for free. Here you will learn different techniques on how to enhance your photos such as image manipulation with Corel Paint, image slicing, object feathering, masking, layering effects and many more. Watch photo paint videos here
  • Laurie McCanna’s free art site – Laurie’s site offers free tutorials on Corel, Painter, Photoshop and more. The step-by-step guide is easy to understand. If you are a beginner, visit this link

There are many photo paint online tutorials that are free of charge. You can even download a photo paint trial that beginners can use. It is not necessary for you to become a professional web designer to enjoy photo editing, enhancing and restoring. You will learn all these things by reading the tutorials online.


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