How To Find Options for Online Data Storage

Online storage solutions continue to evolve as technology and versions of offsite backup and data backup online storage become more available in the market. Currently most online storage companies provide the following:

  • File sharing solutions
  • Backup/storage solutions
  • Web services/storage solutions

Most of the storage companies offer at most 25 free GBs then later offer other tiers with additional features and storage space. Some services have advanced features like multiple user log-ins, personal encryption keys, and versioning. For startup companies that want to avoid administering external local backup concerns, the online storage services offered are welcome solutions.

These are some of the companies that offer Online Data Storage services:

Google Apps e-mail provides at least 5 GBs of free storage.

Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service offers web services made for developers to provide access and interface with Amazon’s data storage infrastructure.

AOL's pioneered the online web storage service in 1999. It provides high-end features for sharing files and backing up data. It has drag and drop capability and offers 5GB free storage with an unlimited file size and bandwidth.

GoDaddy Online File Folders allows the user to automatically sync from multiple computers using its available sync tool. FTP can be used to edit files online and to transfer files to its storage facility. Files can be viewed and edited online, using WebDAV, as if you are on your network drive.

Iomega iStorage has features that can share manage, store and manage data online.

Microsoft Windows Live Sky Drive offers services for Windows Live users that include basic online storage and sharing. has more than a million users and claims to be the first online file system introduced in the market. It offers 1GB free storage, has file sharing, drag and drop capabilities, stores files, can access files anywhere, and provides an open API for developers. offers services using a desktop application that can be used to upload, download, share and restore files, and schedule backup. It provides a drive mapping application to make the uploading and download of files easier.

Data Deposit Box provides online backup software that can be used for an unlimited number of computers and users. The software has an automatic program that backs up all data changes detected in stored files. It extracts the file changes, compresses, encrypts and securely transfers the changed files to the online storage.

MediaMax offers 25 free GBs storage, with free synchronization and backup software. It provides a secure private folder to access, upload, share and store personal photos, videos, music, movies, and other optical and media files.

Omnidrive is more advanced in its services as it allows users to collaborate and read and write the files online making it easier to do file sharing.

eSNIPS provides 5GB of free storage, uploading of unlimited file bandwidth and size with file sharing.
Mozy also offers 2GB of free storage with unlimited file size and bandwidth.

As technology advances and more vendors enter the online date storage industry, more Web 2.0 features that can facilitate information sharing, communication, and collaboration, using the web will increase. Tape storage, offsite backup, data backup online, and storage solutions for external, optical, and media files will be easily available. PC users will have easy access to their stored files.



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