How To Pick a Domain Name

When is a name not just a name?  When it's a domain name, of course.  Domain names should be chosen with great care and consideration, because that domain name will become your identity on the Internet.  With the proper approach, and careful planning, you can select a domain name that will establish your business solidly on the Internet, and with any luck, it will skyrocket your brand recognition as it becomes a household name.

When you begin searching for your domain name, there are several key factors to remember.  A strong domain name should be short.  Long domain names are hard for customers to remember, sometimes hard to pronounce, and they can be very hard to spell properly.  A short domain name will give you a recognizable web address that is unforgettable, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce.

Your domain name should also be unique.  If you select a domain name that is too similar to an existing domain, you may run into concerns with trademark laws and you could be forced to change your domain, which then creates confusion for your customers when they have to find you all over again, resulting in some loss of business.

Another important part of selecting your domain name is to make sure that it sounds solid to your customers.  Most customers still see a ".com" address as offering the most stability.  Whenever possible, select a .com extension for your domain.  It also never hurts to buy up the other domain extensions and redirect them to your .com so that you can prevent other people from trying to make money off of mistakenly entered web addresses.

Start out by writing out your business name, its focus, and any keywords you can think of that are associated with it, or that customers might use when searching for you.  Using those words in various forms, mix and match them until you come up with just the right combination for your business.  Using keywords for your domain name will provide your domain with strength in search engine optimization as it will effectively be its own keyword.

Remember that your domain name is essentially a business marketing tool.  If you approach the development of it with a marketing perspective you will be much more likely to produce an effective domain name that will even do some of your business marketing work for you!


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