How To Pimp your Windows XP Desktop to Resemble Mac

Your PC desktop is fully customizable and doesn't have to be limited to the designs found on your computer. More people are personalizing everything from their portable media players and cell phones to computers. Some people may prefer Windows over the Mac, but they may like how the Mac looks. The Mac's desktop has a clean and glossy feel to it. Window's themes could get a little boring after a while. The Mac has interesting themes and icons, even the floating-like taskbar. You can easily customize your Windows desktop to have the same exact look as the Mac desktop by downloading themes, icons, and widgets to your computer. These steps will tell you how to get the Mac desktop look on your Windows desktop.

  1. Clean your desktop. First you have to clean your desktop by taking off the shortcuts and files you've cluttered your Windows desktop with. Put your documents in another place in your computer. Select the documents or files with your cursor then use CTRL-X to cut the file from the desktop, then you can paste it into your My Documents folder. You can delete the shortcuts, but don't worry, you'll only be deleting the shortcuts and not the programs. Delete the Recycle bin; you can still access it through the Windows Explorer.
  2. Find and download wallpaper. You may not find the exact wallpaper that the Mac uses, but you can certainly find something close. There is an array of wallpaper you can download on various websites offering free downloads. You can even choose the type of resolution you prefer. Once you've downloaded the wallpaper, you can now use it by going to your Display settings panel, browse for the wallpaper, and apply it to your desktop.
  3. Replace your taskbar with the dock. The Mac desktop uses a dock rather than the taskbar we have on windows. You can download a dock from Mobydock or Stardock Objectdock. This will enable your desktop to have the same dock that Mac uses on their desktop. Once you've downloaded and installed the dock, you can configure it to contain the shortcuts to your programs or documents. Use the dock's setting to hide the Windows taskbar, since you'll be using the dock and there's no sense in keeping both.
  4. Download and install widgets. You can get cool widgets from Yahoo! Widgets. Download widgets like a calendar, clock or weather report. Installation is easy, and once you have them on your desktop you can position them anywhere.

Most of the widgets or wallpaper you'll find may not be the exact same look as the Mac, but you will get downloads that are pretty close if not better.


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