How To Find the Most Popular Books

If you find yourself searching for a new book every week, or if you consider yourself a voracious reader, one of the problems you may encounter is that there simply aren’t enough books to read. While that may be somewhat of a stretch, the fact of the matter is you don’t want to invest your money and time in a book only to find out that it isn’t worth reading at all. The idea behind this is that different books appeal to different readers. There is no one single ultimate list that you can refer to when you’re looking for books. This is why critic lists and book clubs are becoming increasingly popular.

If you try to go online and search for lists of popular books, you may end up looking at a large variety of book lists. These lists can either be sorted by their popularity or by the sales figures that they generate. It is a safe assumption that if the general populace seems to be reading one particular book, then that book must be worth reading. Of course, not everything is dictated by popular vote. You may also want to try looking at critic’s lists in order to see which books the critics have selected as good reads and must-haves.

If you’re trying to go the safe route, why not try searching for the top ten books of all time? has compiled a list of the top ten best selling books to date. Each of the ten entries made it to the list due to their aggregate sales figures, as well as the number of copies sold, which number well into the millions. Try to check out the site and see if any of the books strike your fancy.

If you’re tired of doing your research on the Internet, you can also try joining a book club. Book clubs are designed for one primary function—to get like minded individuals together to talk about, rate, and recommend new books. Oprah Winfrey has made a business out of this as well. Her book club counts its members in the millions all over the world. For an author, getting an endorsement from Oprah and being on her book club’s list is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Historically, almost every book that has been listed in Oprah’s book club has seen a marked increase in sales after being mentioned.

Try to check out your local bookstore as well. Most bookstores these days publish their own lists of bestsellers right on the wall. These lists are compiled on the basis of book sales as well, and you should have no problem picking up a book from this list. You can also talk to the people who work in the bookstore—find out their opinions on which books to read, and ask for any recommendations. With any luck, you just might be able to pick out a winner. Another type of list that the bookstores will have is a list of all their new releases. Based largely on the dictates of the numerous publishers in the country, this list can help you decide on the next book you should buy. If you have a favorite writer, check out the publisher’s catalog as well. There may be some books that you might have missed out on, and you already can take comfort in the fact that any book on this list is already written by your favorite author, so it’s more or less a safe bet that you will like the book. 


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