How To Find Popular Programming Game Software

Programming games that are played on computers or consoles used to require a lot of knowledge about computer programming. But these days, you can successfully create a good graphics game either on the desktop PC or console platform thanks to the introduction of several game development software applications marketed to the hobbyists.

But how do you get to choose the best game development software application out there when there are just so many circulating on the Internet, some even downloadable for free? Well, your best bet would be to first read the reviews written by the users themselves. This is especially true for those game development software applications that you need to pay for. You would not want to shell out some cash for something that won't be able to meet your needs and preferences. It's best to access Web sites that publish such and from there you can take a pick which one you think is best for your video game designing projects.

One of the game development software available is called Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0. It is the latest release from a series of game development software suites. However, it is quite unique from its predecessors as it can now be used to design and create games not only on Microsoft-based computers but also on Xbox 360 and Zune game consoles as well. Microsoft has even announced the release of the XNA Game Studio 3.1 version which can be downloaded for free from the DreamSpark Web site.

Another game development software that has created a buzz among hobbyists is 3DVIA Virtools. The latest version which is 3DVIA Player 5.0 can be installed on any computer that runs on the Microsoft 2000, Microsoft Vista or Microsoft XP platform. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.

DarkBASIC Professional or more commonly known as the DBPro is yet another one of those game development software applications that may just fulfill your needs. Though using it is slightly more complex as compared to the two software applications previously mentioned. This is because using DarkBASIC Professional will need some elementary knowledge in the programming dialect BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). However, this game development software comes with an in-depth tutorial so using it should not be as hard at it sounds.

There are lots more game development software applications you can find by browsing through the Internet. Some can be had for free while others may require membership or downloading fees. In the end, a software application that is easy to use and has excellent end user support should be what you should look for. 


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