How To Do PowerPoint Presentations: Guidelines and Tips

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application geared towards creating effective presentations, and was developed and introduced by Microsoft. It operates under the Microsoft Office suite and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X computer operating systems. It can be purchased online and directly downloaded onto your computer. This program is designed to be used by people in business, academics, and by anyone who needs to make a presentation. It helps to build a more confident, creative and handy digital presentation in meetings. It allows the user to create presentations that can be viewed on any computer. Here are some guidelines and tips on creating an effective PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Use key phrases. Key phrases help the viewers remember the main points and their relation to the topic at hand. Key phrases can be used repeatedly in the presentation, to reinforce its importance and help the viewers commit them to memory.
  2. Try to keep it light and funny. The operative word here is ‘try’. Sometimes presentations can’t help but be serious. Try to add a smile every now and then to keep your viewers patient.
  3. Employ clean, uncluttered slide layouts. The layout of the slides must be consistent. Position the headers on the top, so viewers from the tenth or last rows can see what is stated easily. Keep the points to one side of the layout, and try to space them properly, so the viewers can focus on what is written.
  4. Use ‘proper’ punctuation. Proper punctuation in PowerPoint presentations work in reverse. Take care not to use capital letters and punctuation. In PowerPoint presentations, the use of capital letters confuses the audience. Instead of reinforcing the point, the capital letters simply make the viewers feel that they’re being shouted at. Punctuation marks simply distract the viewer from the points being highlighted, and should be avoided.
  5. Employ simple, clean fonts. The fonts used must be easy to read, and not funny looking. Decorative fonts merely make the task of reading the words more difficult. Use simple fonts with clean lines and large sizes to relate your message easily.
  6. Contrast color layout. Light colored text on a dark background, or the opposite, will do. Strong colors on strong colors just have an effect of cluttering up the page.
  7. Design your slides accordingly. Cluttered, exciting layouts are a must, only if your intended target audience is children. With children, a full, exciting slide will hold their attention. This calls for animation in your presentation. Bright colors and large letters work too. But if the intended audience is set in a business meeting, a straightforward presentation works best. Minimize the animation and transitions, and focus on the message of your presentation.
  8. Mix up the media presented. Use graphs and pictures to illustrate a point. Keep your audience interested by using these visual representations. It will also give them a break from all the text.
  9. Ensure that it can be played. What’s the point in making a killer presentation, if nobody sees it? Ensure that the intended viewer can take home a copy and view it on his PC. Use the burning feature to burn a copy of your PowerPoint presentations to a CD. Burning with PowerPoint adds an application called the PowerPoint Viewer, which allows computers without PowerPoint installed to play the presentation.

Remember these PowerPoint Presentation guidelines and tips when making your killer presentation. Following these steps will help in ensuring that your message gets across to the viewers and makes an impression.


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